nathaniels 1st adventure

Nathaniels 1st Adventure by G.E.F. Neilson

G.E.F. Neilson

For many years, his parents had told him stories about the day he was taken away. For weeks, they talked about how he would eventually remember who took him and what became of him.Nathaniel was born with a condition that made it impossible for him to recall anything that happened before he reached the age of six. The memories of his parents' stories were like a dream - distant and vague.It wasn't until Nathaniel turned six that his life changed forever, and everything came flooding back to him in vivid detail. He remembered being kidnapped from his home by strangers while everyone was out shopping, how they dumped him in front of an old building near the dumpster - then nothing until he woke up in front of an unfamiliar house dressed as a girl with no memory or

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The following review was done by KRISTEN SHAW
NATHANIELS 1ST ADVENTURE by G.E.F. NeilsonGenre: NA RomanceMature Content: AdultReview: 5/5 stars I have read the books that this author has written and I thought this was the second one of these books and it wasn't until I started reading it that I saw the author was the same person as the first book. So it was a pleasant surprise when I realized that this new book had not been written by the
I needed to write a literature review about Nathaniels 1st Adventure and Out Of Sight, Out Of Time books. I read Nathaniels 1st Adventure with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. G.E.F. Neilson is a wonderful writer.