nirupa and the book of shadows

Nirupa And The Book Of Shadows by Leora Cika Waldman

Leora Cika Waldman

NIRUPA, the Book of Shadows, and The Book of Shadows are all part of the same world. I wrote this introduction to highlight that they are all connected and share a common theme.Our writing process can be broken down into three parts:

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I'm happy to announce that the NIRUPA AND THE BOOK OF SHADOWS book is now available on Amazon in plain paper binding. I am also satisfied with the quality of the printing and binding. It's a little thicker and heavier than my previous books, but I think it's because of the special paper that NIRUPA AND THE BOOK OF SHADOWS was printed on. The book is made of different kinds of paper, including one called "Loose Leaf Paper"
My book, "The Book of Shadows" was published in September 2013. It is a very practical book for the readers and practitioners of Pagan Witchcraft (Wicca, Gardnerian, etc) who wish to understand how to create personal magical workings and also how to keep them safe from the darker aspects of the paranormal. В  The Book of Shadows is a personal guide for all occultists and practitioners of witchcraft. It is a book that will help you understand your path, your purpose,
I needed to write a literature review about Nirupa And The Book Of Shadows and Secondborn books. I read Nirupa And The Book Of Shadows with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Leora Cika Waldman is a wonderful writer.