shutter island

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane

When Dennis Lehane announced that he was writing a new book, some wondered if he had a secret agent in the corner of his mind. The book is called SHUTTER ISLAND and it is about an undercover investigation by a special task force in Boston which investigates crimes such as murder, kidnapping and terrorism.

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The first thing that I did when I got home was to look at the pictures I took in the book. The photos were taken at various locations, and they were all really cool.But I didn't understand what my parents were talking about. I wasn't sure if they were asking me if I liked the book, or if they were telling me that it was really good. The pictures didn't tell me anything about the book.I read the first chapter and found it to be
I needed to write a literature review about Shutter Island and Disenchanted books. I read Shutter Island with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Dennis Lehane is a wonderful writer.