suicide notes

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Michael Thomas Ford

Suicide notes are a rare and unique form of literature. They often reveal the secrets of the deceased and their thoughts behind life.Michael Thomas Ford is a writer who decided to write his own suicide note to document his thoughts on death. This book is an exploration of what exactly led him to take his own life, and it’s ultimately an exploration of death itself.Suicide Notes is a collection of short stories, each exploring their own facet about death in its various forms from suicide, murder to natural causes. Each story will be accompanied by Ford’s original suicide note for readers to read in tandem with the story.

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"SUICIDE NOTES" is a book for the people who want to understand the true meaning of suicide. It is written by a former suicide survivor in order to give hope to those who have experienced suicide. This book is for the ones who are considering suicide and the ones who are already in a situation where suicide makes sense. Suicide notes are a common occurrence, and they are often very easy to do. However, there is nothing easy about writing them. The book provides tools for
I needed to write a literature review about Suicide Notes and Princess On The Brink books. I read Suicide Notes with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Michael Thomas Ford is a wonderful writer.