the afternoon when she died

The Afternoon When She Died by Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen

What would you do if your daughter brought home a book from the library and the first page was completely blank?Maria Johnsen's story is a suspenseful mystery that takes place in Norway. Her daughter, Kristin, disappears one day while driving home from school. The police find her car abandoned on the side of a mountain road with no sign of what happened to her. Maria and her husband fear that Kristin has been abducted by a serial killer, but they refuse to give up hope.Maria becomes obsessed with finding her daughter and decides to find any clues she can without involving the authorities, which means she must leave behind every other part of her life. As she searches for answers about who took Kristin, Maria starts exploring how people are connected through social media and looking into unsolved

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The book by Maria Johnsen is about Alice who has a pretty good life. She has everything she could ever want and doesn't have to worry about money. One day she is walking in her apartment when she sees a little bird hopping on the floor. She follows the bird outside and it leads her to a bag of garbage that has been left outside her apartment door. Alice opens the bag and out hops a dead bird. Alice is heartbroken and she accidentally drops the dead bird.
I enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to all readers.This was a good book. I read it in school and I really enjoyed it.
This book is about a girl named Eva that is taken from her family and her home and sent to a group home. She has to leave behind her family memories. It's about her journey over the years and how she learns to cope with the memories of her lost family. I recommend it for people who are interested in reading about a family dealing with loss.
I needed to write a literature review about The Afternoon When She Died and Hold Me Closer, Necromancer books. I read The Afternoon When She Died with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Maria Johnsen is a wonderful writer.