the dive from clausens pier

The Dive From Clausens Pier by Ann Packer

Ann Packer

Ann Packer’s novel, The Dive From Clausens Pier is a gripping story about two young girls. It follows their lives as they grow up during the summer after their father leaves without a word to his family.The book begins with “The Dive From Clausens Pier” and ends on “Closing Time,” which is the last day of summer vacation. It is written in first person and tells the story from both girls' perspectives with the days switching from one person to another throughout the chapters.In The Dive From Clausens Pier, Ann Packer uses time-shifts to tell a story about two sisters who are growing apart as they enter into adulthood. They are living at home together full-time while their father runs an antique store in Maine until

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Ann Packer is the author of the novels THE DIVE FROM CLAUSENS PIER and THE DIVE FROM PORTA DI MARE. She lives in Seattle, Washington.
I needed to write a literature review about The Dive From Clausens Pier and The Secret Of Everything books. I read The Dive From Clausens Pier with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ann Packer is a wonderful writer.