the renascent world

The Renascent World by Carryn W. Kerr

Carryn W. Kerr

In The Renascent World, the author describes an autonomous robot that could become a prototype for a future economy.When you look at the book cover of the book, it seems to be an amazing futuristic story about a robot that can live and interact with people. It also seems as though this book is meant to be read by children.In reality, The Renascent World is a very serious piece of fiction story written in 2003 by Carryn W. Kerr. This is one of the many examples showing how far far from reality some stories are when they are presented as real or realistic scenarios for children’s books. Although it may seem like just another sci-fi story for children's books, there's nothing about this book that makes it sound like something that was made up just

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The Enchanted Storybook by Carryn W. Kerr
In the beginning of The RENASCENT WORLD, I had a dream. I was walking into a building with doors that opened into many other buildings. I made my way to the top floor and my family came out and took me to see the world of Renascents. It was like a video game, where you can go through different buildings, explore different areas and find different people.I lived in a building on the top floor with hundreds of other Renascents, all of
I needed to write a literature review about The Renascent World and Out Of Control books. I read The Renascent World with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Carryn W. Kerr is a wonderful writer.