Vampalicious! by Sienna Mercer

Sienna Mercer

Sienna Mercer is a women’s fashion blogger. She has over 1,200,000 followers on social media who love her unique style and fashion tips. She doesn’t just wear clothes, she also talks about them. Her posts are well received by the public and she has been a big hit with readers.

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I was not aware of Vampalicious until I met Sienna Mercer at the Children's Book Festival in 2011. I was talking to a friend about how she had just read The House of Shattered Wings, which I really loved, and how much I loved it. She mentioned that she had read the first in the series and liked it a lot, but didn't know the author's name. I said "Oh, you can find her at Vampalicious." She goes,
Vampalicious, a new comic series from artist Sienna Mercer, is set in a 1920s-style world where vampires are out in the open and vampires are not only feared but openly mocked by the general public. At the top of the vampire food chain is Lola Price, who has been a vampire for centuries and works as a governess. She is also very popular with her clients, and it seems everyone wants to marry her. But the public has begun to ridicule Lola
I needed to write a literature review about Vampalicious! and Out Of Control books. I read Vampalicious! with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Sienna Mercer is a wonderful writer.