12 years a slave and other slave narratives
Solomon Northup
Twelve Years a Slave is the true account of Solomon Northup, a free-born black man who had lived in New...
a bed of thorns
J.D. Worner
The description of the book is like a bed of thorns that needs to be removed and replaced.
a boy like me
Jennie Wood (they/them)
"A BOY LIKE ME, by Jennie Wood is an emotional and thought-provoking novel. I loved the way Jennie Wood handles...
a college of magics
Caroline Stevermer
The book "A College of Magics" was written by Caroline Stevermer and she is known for her magical stories that...
a darker shade of magic
V.E. Schwab
A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC is an action-packed story about a young woman with extraordinary abilities who must save her...
Copywriters usually write description for screen shots. This is a common task but not a very useful one. There is...
a girl named willow krimble
Giuseppe Bianco
A new book is on the market. This one is a self-help book for girls.
a house made of bricks
Penelope Baldwin
I am a copywriter at a book publishing company. I have worked with Penelope Baldwin for nearly a decade. She's...
a kestrel for a knave
Barry Hines
Kestrel for a Knave is a novel by Barry Hines. The novel tells the story of two boys, one from...
a lesion of dissent
Karl Drobnic
In addition to the character of the book, a good description is also important. Not just in terms of the...
a matter of honor
Ruth Willerth
The book "A Matter of Honor" by Ruth Willerth is a historical novel which describes the involvement of a 16-year-old...
a medical affair
Anne McCarthy Strauss
Treatment of a serious condition of mankind - the Nazi’s euthanasia programme.In this book, Anne McCarthy Strauss gives us a...
a memory of light
Robert Jordan
Sword and sorcery epic fantasy series A Memory of Light has been taken from the world of Wheel of Time...
a memory worth dying for
Joanie Bruce
A Memory Worth Dying For is the first book by Joanie Bruce. It deals with the subject of death and...
a million little pieces
James Frey
This is a small example for how AI writing assistants can be used in the future of copywriting. James Frey...
a monster calls
Patrick Ness
A Monster Calls is a touching and beautifully written story. It is about the most unlikely of friendships between Conor,...
a pocket for corduroy
Don Freeman
I would like to tell you about a book I've been reading recently. It is called A Pocket For Corduroy...
a poker game of love
Alice Walsh
A POKER GAME OF LOVE is a book about love, friendship and poker. In this book, we will be describing...
a soldier of the great war
Mark Helprin
For over a hundred years, Mark Helprin has been writing about duty, honor, and the nature of war. His books...
a tale for the time being
Ruth Ozeki
The opening of the book is a story about a Japanese woman, who was hunted by her husband. She is...
a walk across the sun
Corban Addison
This section is about a book that has been written for a university student. It is the first account of...
Graham McNamee
As the title implies, this work is about the acceleration of time. The book talks about how and why time...
Gabbie Hanna
Section topic: Write description for Gabbie Hanna book - ADULTOLESCENCEIntroduction:
after school nightmare, volume 1
Setona Mizushiro
In a short story, it is a crucial part to create an atmosphere. This is why the reader will be...
american tabloid
James Ellroy
The book is a collection of short stories about characters from the Fifties.The description should be very detailed: precise and...
anna begins
Jennifer Davenport
Writing description for books is not an easy thing to do. With the right tools, it can be done.By using...
archangels storm
Nalini Singh
The ARCHANGELS STORM - ARCHANGEL BOOKS series is a collection of short stories about the archangels of the Christian pantheon....
arctic meltdown
Geza Tatrallyay
Geza Tatrallyay is the most successful author in Russia. He has written more than 50 books and is the best-selling...
artificial exile
D.S. Emerson
The book is about immigration, and the author explores the issue from various angles, creating a nuanced portrait of it.Artificial...
as snow falls
Elle Klass
"The world is ending and I'm not even aware of it."In the year 2016, the world's population had been wiped...
ask me no questions
Marina Budhos
This book is for people who want to know what they are doing when they start a new career. It...
Ally Condie
In the future, a society of people live in a city-sized underground bunker. It is an oasis for people who...
bad girl gone mom
K.C. Lauer
It is important to get your reader's attention in the first few sentences of your book description.
bad girls dont die
Katie Alender
"Bad Girls Don't Die" is a young adult novel written by American author Katie Alender. It was first published in...
This book is a story about the lives of two best friends who have been inseparable since they were born....
beast blood
M.A. Levi
This is a book by an Israeli writer that explores the relationship between humanity and nature. It looks at how...
beautiful bastard
Christina Lauren
This is a very unique book. It’s not just about killing beauty or beauty tips, but it’s about so much...
between sinners and saints
Marie Sexton
The book is about the lives of two people. One man, who is an alcoholic and one woman, who is...
blazing night
J.M.K. Walkow
The book BLAZING NIGHT was published in 2013 and won the Golden Dagger Award for Best Debut Novel by the...
Melvin Burgess
BLOODTIDE is a graphic novel by the American author Melvin Burgess. It is the story of a young man who...
blue coyote motel
Dianne Harman
Go for the gold!The HEROES is a book about a group of brave and fearless people who risked their lives...
blue mars
Kim Stanley Robinson
This is one of the most requested subjects for a book review. We have to find the right words to...
bombay, city of sandals
Shänne Sands
The description for the book BOMBAY, CITY OF SANDALS needs to be clearly and concisely written. It should convey the...
bone crossed
Patricia Briggs
So many books are about vampires, werewolves and mummies, but this is the first time we’ve seen a book about...
borders of infinity
Lois McMaster Bujold
The BORDERS OF INFINITY series were created by Lois McMaster Bujold. As a writer of science fiction, she has a...
born confused
Tanuja Desai Hidier
Tanuja Desai Hidier's BORN CONFUSED follows the story of a young girl who struggles to find her identity as she...
born to be bad
Sherrilyn Kenyon
In the book 'Born to be Bad', Sherrilyn Kenyon writes about her upbringing and childhood. She tells the story of...
David Estes
I am the author of BREW book, and I am very passionate about this topic. I strongly believe that BREW...
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