13 gifts
Wendy Mass
This is a list of gifts that you can give your loved ones and your family members. The purpose of...
3rd generation and beyond
Danna Pycher
The book has been a bestseller for two years now. The reason is the detailed description of the 3rd generation...
Veronica Blade
A Furry Tale is a book written by the author Veronica Blade. She is a writer for children and young...
a cancer prevention guide for the human race
Robert A. Wascher
Cancer prevention is a complex problem. It affects even the healthiest people and the most important risk factors are overexposure...
a court of wings and ruin
Sarah J. Maas
At the start of the novel, seventeen-year-old Feyre discovers she is one of the fae, beings who can transform themselves...
a darkness more than night
Michael Connelly
This book by the famous American crime writer is precisely a mystery thriller. This book has been published in 1996...
a lot like love...a lil like chocolate
Sumrit Shahi
A lot of books are looking to the future of marketing. Some of them try to take it a step...
a memory between the hills
V.A. Pinto
In this case, the author of the book: V.A. Pinto has decided to take on writing a book about his...
a murder is announced
Agatha Christie
The information about the book is found in the back cover.
a second shot of coffee with jesus
David Wilkie
The novel is a second shot of coffee with Jesus. It is a sequel to David Wilkie's 2017 collection of...
a swiftly tilting planet
Madeleine L'Engle
According to the book series, A SWIFTLY TILTING PLANET , written by Madeleine L'Engle, the story will be started in...
a touch of poison
Aaron Kite
A TOUCH OF POISON is the first book by the author Aaron Kite. The book is a modern retelling of...
about that night
Julie James
The book about a young woman who got lost in the woods of an English county is about survival and...
Dean Ravenola
AETHER WARRIORS is a science fiction series written by Dean Ravenola, which follows the war between a group of humans...
Lena Goldfinch
With the help of AI, a copywriter can write a very good description for his book in just minutes. He...
alice in the country of hearts, vol. 01
Alice is a fictional character created by American writer Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. She, along with her father, the narrator of...
all things wise and wonderful
James Herriot
A book on issues related to farm life.
almost transparent blue
RyЕ« Murakami
Written descriptions are often a bottleneck for our content creation process. Not only do they take time to write, but...
always you
Kirsty Moseley
Always You is a book written by a friend. In it, Kirsty talks about her experience of being a mum...
amazing grief a healing guide for parents of young addicts
Charles Harper
The main message of this book is about the kind of situation a kid with ADHD in a family might...
Evonne Blanchard
Amelia is an 11-year-old girl on Earth who has never left her home. One day, she and her mom decide...
american panda
Gloria Chao
The book is about a panda who has no mommy. He needs to find her, and her family is not...
ancient truth
Jack Goodwind
The book is a collection of journal entries and stories from an anonymous, self-described "outsider" who shares his thoughts on...
ancillary justice
Ann Leckie
Ann Leckie is an American science fiction writer, novelist and short story writer. She's one of the most critically acclaimed...
and i darken
Kiersten White
AND I DARKEN is an historical fantasy book about a young woman who is forced to marry the Sultan of...
MacKinlay Kantor
The Andersonville is a historic incline in Union City, New Jersey. It was built by the railway between 1867 and...
aru shah and the end of time
Roshani Chokshi
The book is an award-winning and bestseller from the UK. The book is based on Roshani Chokshi's scientific research into...
at first sight
Nicholas Sparks
What is At First Sight Author Nicholas Sparks' book about a young couple getting married?
awesome african adventure
Molly Barrow
Molly Barrow is an African adventurer, who has been living in the desert for several years now. She is a...
bad romeo & broken juliet - wohin du auch gehst
Leisa Rayven
The book describes the development of a young American couple after they lost their parents. Everyone is upset about them...
battle hymn of the tiger mother
Amy Chua
"This is a book written by a professor of political science at Yale Law School. She published it in September...
be with me
J. Lynn
BE WITH ME is a book about how to be the best version of yourself. The book was published by...
Nancy Butcher
Generate an attractive description for a book on beauty that readers will find interesting.
becoming calder
Mia Sheridan
The book BECOMING CALDER is a must read for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the world around...
Snehlata Agarwala
The story takes place in a remote and small town of Vinayar, situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats....
beyond good and evil
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is without a doubt the most influential philosopher of all time. His works have influenced Western culture...
beyond sanctuary
Janet E. Morris
Beyond Sanctuary is a very unique book that tells the story of how a former Nazi concentration camp survivor found...
This blog post is part of a larger series that I am going to write on the topic of BIG...
birth of the monster
Shane K.P. O'Neill
The BIRTH OF THE MONSTER book by Shane K.P. O’Neill is a science fiction horror novel for children and adults.
blood & spirits
Dennis Sharpe
Blood and spirits are two terms that have been used for a long time to describe human beings. In the...
Kathy MacKel
After the launch of Boost books by Kathy MacKel, there was a large demand of course materials. While she has...
boys life
Robert R. McCammon
BOYS LIFE is an anthology of short stories featuring boys in peril. More than just a collection of horror tales,...
breakfast of champions
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
A brief description of the book.Wrap-up: A summary of the book, including a link to and a list of...
Kristen Ashley
broken point
Donna K. Childree
Broken Point is a science fiction novel written by Donna K. Childree."Broken Point" is a science fiction novel that follows...
Stephen R. Lawhead
This article is about the book BYZANTIUM: An Epic Novel of Fantasy and Horror about a boy with a prosthetic...
call me irresistible
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
To keep the book fresh, authors should always have a reminder of what they want to communicate with their readers,...
carpe diem
Autumn Cornwell
I like to see a book with a description that includes the reasons why I should buy it. В I want...
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