11 birthdays
Wendy Mass
Celebrate kids’ birthdays with this collection of party games, crafts, and activities that will help kids plan the perfect party...
a beautiful evil
Kelly Keaton
After being asked for a specific book title and author, a copywriter can write up a description that fits the...
a beautiful struggle
Lilliana Anderson
The book "A Beautiful Struggle," written by Lilliana Anderson is an inspirational story about a woman from the bottom of...
a bridge too far
Cornelius Ryan
"The Bridge at Remagen" is a novel about the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. It tells...
a dark lure
Loreth Anne White
Loreth Anne White (aka L.A. White) is an American author, speaker and keynote speaker. She is the President of the...
a fistful of sky
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
A Fistful of Sky is a novel about a young woman named Laura, who must face her greatest fear.
a fraction of the whole
Steve Toltz
This is a story of what could happen if the world's population suddenly shrank by half.The "A Fraction of the...
a light in the attic
Shel Silverstein
This picture book was published in 1987 and is a collection of forty-three poems. The poems cover a wide variety...
a madness of angels
Kate Griffin
The characters in a book are the most important part of a story. It is very important to write descriptions...
a son of the immortals
Louis Tracy
The book, A SON OF THE IMMORTALS by Louis Tracy is a great book for everyone who wants to know...
George R.R. Martin
This book by George R.R. Martin is one of the best-selling books in the fantasy genre. Its story has been...
a spy in the house
Y.S. Lee
A Spy in the House is a spy thriller novel written by Y.S. Lee. It tells the story of a...
a thousand boy kisses
Tillie Cole
We shouldn’t think of a thousand boy kisses as the next big thing. The book is just a good story,...
a town like alice
Nevil Shute
The story follows a young couple, David and his wife Alice, as they start a new life in England. The...
a witch in winter
Ruth Warburton
Ruth Warburton, the author of Book Review: Witches in Winter - A Novel. The book is a fiction novel and...
Nataša Pantović
In some cases, it is possible to cut the content in a book into a series of links and descriptions....
Ruth Silver
Ruth Silver is an author of the popular ABERRANT series. She has written a number of excellent books on life...
Shelly Crane
Most of people are not familiar with Shelly Crane's book ACCORDANCE: Managing the Hearts and Minds that Work Together to...
across the great sparkling water
Zoe Saadia
Giving a description of the book, which is an ACROSS THE GREAT SPARKLING WATER book, will help potential readers to...
adventure atlantis rain
Rain Fields
We can't find any description for Adventure Atlantis Rain book by Rain Fields.
Jake Danishevsky
The main reason why I decided to write this - is because Russian people love their food. The trick of...
albions dream
Roger Norman
Roger Norman is a an extremely successful author. He is the author of the book: "ALBIONS DREAM" and it has...
alias grace
Margaret Atwood
The book’s title is an important part of the book’s description. It should be short and descriptive enough to get...
alive for now
Bob Howard
Bob Howard has written a book called "Living for Now" about his thoughts on how to live in the present...
all of me, a mcraidy son
Em Epe
The writer is the only one who is able to define the subject and send it to the reader in...
all the kings traitors
Keylin Rivers
Keylin Rivers is the author of the book "All The Kings' Traitors" and she has already sold over 15 million...
all the things we leave behind
Riel Nason
"There are many different types of relationships you can have with people. In fact, there are so many different kinds...
Veronica Roth
In the year 2022, all people born after a certain date can 'port' themselves to an alternate Earth by making...
Paul Keene
It is rare for a book to be written to a screenplay, but sometimes it is inevitable. This book was...
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics at the moment. Artificial intelligence uses various algorithms and machine learning...
angels & demons
Dan Brown
Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, Angels& Demons, is about to be adapted into a movie starring Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor.Angels&...
animal farm
George Orwell
George Orwell's Animal Farm is set on a farm that is ruled over by a group of talking animals.The animals...
anna and the french kiss
Stephanie Perkins
The book is about a teenager, Anna, who wishes to have a French kiss with her crush. She uses the...
anna dressed in blood
Kendare Blake
This book is the first in a trilogy called The Three Dark Crowns. In this book, a girl is born...
Olivia Hardy Ray
When writing a book description, you cannot afford to get into a minor detail. You must capture the essence of...
Robert W. McGee
Allison is a junior college student who attends class with her distracted roommate. She is trying to make it through...
annie gomez and the gigantic foot of doom
Jay Cutts
This has been a very difficult book to write. It is filled with many quotes and images of the entire...
another world {in my backyard}
Jo Halstead
The book is about the author's experience growing up in a suburb. The author has been living there as a...
anyone but you
Jennifer Crusie
By using a creative writing application, you will be able to write a short description for ANYONE BUT YOU book.
Tom Stoppard
ARCADIA is a literary classic and Tom Stoppard's masterpiece. In this book, he wrote about the history of humans and...
Sharon Shinn
We can't predict how ARCHANGEL book will be distributed. It will be the bestseller among all those books, so we...
armageddon cometh
J.K. Accinni
"Armageddon cometh". We can expect it at the end of this century. Or even in our lifetime.This book is the...
around the world in eighty days
Jules Verne
There is an example of a book called "Around the World in Eight Days by Jules Verne"
Vesper Lyons
When marketing a book, it is important to make sure that the description conveys the idea of the book in...
au nom de lhorreur
L.P. Sicard
The author of the book, L.P. Sicard has been a master of prose since he was a teenager. He writes...
autumn getaway
Jennifer Gracen
This is the first short description of the book that we write. It should be clear, to the reader and...
axing my exes
Jerrica Zeron
Having a copywriter help you with an idea for your book may seem like a good idea, but we must...
bad moon rising
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Description is absolutely crucial for the success of a book. It's the first thing the reader will see - therefore,...
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