a handful of seventeenth hill

A Handful Of Seventeenth Hill by Astha Suneja

Astha Suneja

A HANDFUL OF SEVENTEENTH HILL is a book about tragic and heartwarming love stories from the point of view of a train conductor. The author, Astha Suneja, shares her memories of the trains with its capacity to connect people and provide them with moments of joy.The book is divided into three sections; The first section is about the journey’s that she has taken over the years on her job as a train conductor. She recalls travelling through different countries and cities in India and abroad, experiencing new cultures and meeting interesting people along the way. The second section is about those moments when she was at home alone waiting for her husband who would soon come back from work. In these moments, she would find herself reminiscing on past memories or just thinking about

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A HANDFUL OF SEVENTEENTH HILL: A Novel by Astha Suneja Suneja, an originally from India, has given birth to this amazing novel. She was born in 1968 in Noida, an Indian city which is famous for its metro train network. She was a graduate of the college of arts and sciences in the USA. She has lived and worked in the US for many years. She is currently working on her next novel.
Kamlesh is a self-ooter and his wife. He lives with his wife and his two children. He has been working as a self-ooter for more than thirty years. His most valuable assets are his two children, who are well settled in their own homes.Kamlesh was born on 17 February 1949 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Kamlesh's parents are Kamlesh Kulkarni and Santoshi Kulkarni. Kamlesh's father had
I needed to write a literature review about A Handful Of Seventeenth Hill and Born At Midnight books. I read A Handful Of Seventeenth Hill with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Astha Suneja is a wonderful writer.