Atonement by S.W. Frank

S.W. Frank

For this topic, I have chosen an article written by S.W. Frank on ATONEMENT.It is a very interesting book with lots of unique points and ideas in it (at least to me). Besides that, the story isn't widely known so it is nice to read a review about the book. The author doesn't use too many literary terms and he is quite friendly in his writing style - which will be useful for most readers.I chose this article because I think that it's a good introduction on ATONEMENT for those who don't know much about this book in general or only a few lines from the book itself (I am one of them ;) ). The article has both good and bad points, but overall it does provide some interesting information about this book and its author

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"ATONEMENT is a powerful book for the Christian who is tired of the biblical battle. This book has helped me live through God's grace and has given me hope that my faith in Christ is growing stronger, even as I have felt His presence in my life. This book was written to help the church understand the importance of forgiveness and to show Christ's love for His people, but it also applies to any time a person needs help in handling anger, fear or any other situation that
I needed to write a literature review about Atonement and The Alchemyst books. I read Atonement with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. S.W. Frank is a wonderful writer.