wayside school is falling down

Wayside School Is Falling Down by Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar

The book is about a school that has been falling down for many years. The school's headmaster doesn't seem to care, but the students are more concerned than he is. They have their own ideas of what they want the school to be and they decide to take action after many years of waiting patiently.This story is about a school that's been falling apart for many years, but the headmaster doesn't seem to care. One day, the students decide that enough is enough and take matters into their own hands.This book offers an interesting perspective on what it means to be a student and how you can make your voice be heard in an environment that isn't always accepting of every opinion or idea.

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This book is one of the best books Ihave ever read. It make me laugh andproud.The Wayside School is Falling Down: A Novel by Louis Sachar is a great book that I would recommend to anyone who likes old school jokes. There are jokes that are really funny and it also teaches you about what it would be like in a classroom if you were in a different grade. Overall, this book is really creative and you can't
I love WAYSIDE SCHOOL IS FALLING DOWN. It is one of my favorite books ever and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading.I love it because it has interesting characters and a great story line. The author, Louis Sachar, is amazing and writes in a way that will captivate the reader's attention.It is a funny and wonderful book that really puts you into the story. The pictures almost tell the story by themselves.
I recently read the book "Wayside School is Falling Down" by Louis Sachar. This is a really funny book about a school that is falling down. There are many funny pictures at the beginning of each chapter, where the children are acting out the event in the book.The children in middle school are talking about their favorite books and what they want to create. They start talking about ways to make a book, and one of them suggests that they can make a series
I needed to write a literature review about Wayside School Is Falling Down and The President Is Missing books. I read Wayside School Is Falling Down with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Louis Sachar is a wonderful writer.