Killian McRae
The book by Killian McRae has been published, and it’s time to write the description for it.
24 hours
Margaret Mahy
"The 24 Hours book is a book that everyone should read. It’s an amazing story of how one man’s goal...
a banner is unfurled
Marcie Gallacher
Banner is unfurled is a book about branding by Marcie Gallacher, the first bestselling author of the "Brand Wizard" series....
a christmas carol
Charles Dickens
In this story, Scrooge - the main character - is an old miser who refuses to change his ways and...
a countess below stairs
Eva Ibbotson
A Countess Below Stairs is the story of three children who are new to the school on a cold December...
a fathers love
Lorhainne Eckhart
The concept of A FATHERS LOVEis based on experiences and feelings that a man has towards his father.This book is...
Daniel Abraham
I am a copywriter at a digital agency. I have been doing this job for many years. I can tell...
a great and terrible beauty
Libba Bray
The book A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY is about the life of a girl named Gemma Doyle who lives in...
a heart to mend
Myne Whitman
Myne Whitman's book - A HEART TO MEND is a book about heart-warming stories that will make you smile.
a kiss at midnight
Eloisa James
This is a short description of a book.This type of writing can be very useful in the early stages of...
a kiss of shadows
Laurell K. Hamilton
after the first death
Robert Cormier
This book by Robert Cormier has been published under the pen name of Jack White, but there are rumors that...
all about love
Stephanie Laurens
"A book about love is not as simple as you may think. Love is a feeling, it does not have...
all the bright places
Jennifer Niven
In the book, the main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, lives in a world where cancer has become the leading cause...
all the broken pieces
Cindi Madsen
All the pieces that are missing from a project are called “the broken pieces”. These pieces include things like documentation,...
John Kellett
A series of secret war files, AMARANTH is a cyber-crime thriller with an international action plot that will keep you...
american psycho
Bret Easton Ellis
The author, Bret Easton Ellis, has a very interesting writing style and that is what makes him so good at...
andy squared
Jennifer Lavoie
A book by Jennifer Lavoie, which is available on Amazon.com will be brought to life through the help of an...
angel creek
Linda Howard
ANGEL CREEK is a novel that follows the life of a woman in early 20th century New York City.This book...
angels fallen
Francis Smith
This book by Francis Smith has a very specific target audience and requires a specific style. We need to write...
another fine myth
Robert Lynn Asprin
A Fine Myth: A Novel of the Elder Gods is the first book in the Elder God Chronicles, a story...
another mans moccasins
Craig Johnson
After reading the book, I realized that there was a lot of information about it in other books and on...
art, sharks, and a coffin named denzel
Blair Polly
There are many books on art, sharks and coffins. They all have something unique about them.
as sure as the dawn
Francine Rivers
Francine Rivers has written a book called “AS Sure As The Dawn.” It is a collection of her experiences in...
Anne Osterlund
The book "Aurelia: The New Dynamics of Software" has been further developed and enriched by its author. This book offers...
Lois McMaster Bujold
The book is about a man and his journey, and his daughter's journey as well. The author describes the protagonist's...
beautiful exiles
Meg Waite Clayton
This book is about the personal and professional life of Meg Waite. The book is a memoir written by Meg...
beg for mercy
Lucian Bane
BEG FOR MERCY is a book that teaches the modern HR manager how to be a better person. It gives...
behold the dawn
K.M. Weiland
One of the most awaited book by the author of "The Way Of The Dragonfly" and also one of the...
beneath a scarlet sky
Mark T. Sullivan
Sometimes writers tend to write boring descriptions. It is not time for an update or a change of style. The...
between the lines
Tammara Webber
The book is about two high schoolers, Holly and Jamal, who were in a committed relationship until they got caught...
Melissa Pearl
BETWIXT is a popular book by Melissa Pearl. It is meant to help people make better life choices and improve...
beyond the pyre
Steve Costello
In order to generate the most demand and sell the book, a professional copywriter should be able to write descriptions...
black ice
Stephen Tesher
Black ice is a work of fiction. It’s not an actual event but a fictitious tale. The story is set...
blackest night
Geoff Johns
The Blackest Night is a story of Hell and the darkness that emanates from it. For this story, Geoff Johns...
blood and iron
Elizabeth Bear
The book is about an 18-year-old girl who was born with a rare condition known as hemophilia. She was born...
blood destiny
Tessa Dawn
"The Game of Blood Destiny is a fantasy RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux that focuses on the concept of...
boiling point
Karen Dionne
The book BOILING POINT by Karen Dionne is a great example of a successful book that was written by an...
Tina Fey
Tina Fey is known as the Queen of Hulu, Nick Offerman has a full-page ad in Vanity Fair, and he...
breaking point
Kristen Simmons
Just like a game, game is an action that requires players to react in order to win. In the book...
brighids quest
P.C. Cast
The book is a collection of paintings about the different seasons. Each painting has a description written in different languages.
Taylor Galen Kadee
BROTHER BEWITCHED is the first book in a series by Taylor Galen Kadee. This book will be about her family,...
caged lions never roar
Arthur Archambeau
In the future, people will be able to use computers to write long descriptions for books. These descriptions could be...
califias daughters
Leigh Richards
"CALIFIAS DAUGHTERS" is a book about one daughter in the family. It's about her life and her friends.
call of the kami
Teresa Garcia
The book is an introduction to the KAMI project, designed to enable anyone with limited access to internet or TV...
captured lies
Maggie Thom
The current trend in the industry is to write description for a book. It seems that there are many people...
B. Kristin McMichael
The book is about a young woman named Carnely who visits the magical forest with her brother. When they return,...
cartel rising
Guillermo Paxton
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