100 common sense policies to make britain great again
Karl Wiggins
In this book, Karl Wiggins has compiled a list of 100 Common Sense policies that make Britain great again.Some of...
50 SHADES OF YAY GREAT THINKERS ON HAPPINESS is a compilation of essays from 50 industry experts on how to...
a clash of kings
George R.R. Martin
A Clash of Kings is an epic fantasy book series by American author George R.R. Martin. It tells the story...
a confederacy of dunces
John Kennedy Toole
We are currently in the middle of a new era when software is taking on the role of human writers....
a different kind of fire
Suanne Schafer
I was inspired by the cover of A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIRE written by Suanne Schafer. It is a descriptive...
a force of will a shakespearean fantasy adventure
D.J. Wallace
After receiving a request to write a description for a book, D.J. Wallace (author of The Force of Will) decided...
a humble heart
R.L. Mathewson
A humble heart book is a story about a woman who turned her back on her dreams to raise her...
a lost kitten
Jessica A. Kong
As a copywriter, I love writing descriptive content. I also like to write about my own experiences and what I...
a million suns
Beth Revis
"It's the year 2054 and Manhattan's skyline has been reduced to one giant sun. The suns of Manhattan have collided,...
a need so beautiful
Suzanne Young
So pretty. Just gorgeous. An unexpected beauty. A great book on its own merits, but a great book when you...
a part to play
Jennifer L. Fry
In this case, an author is writing about a part of the A PART TO PLAY book. A role of...
a pefect mess
Tavares Boykins Sr.
A PEFECT MESS is a collection of short stories and sketches that can be read in one sitting.The story is...
a perfect persecution
James R. Lucas
I would like to highlight James R. Lucas’ PERFECT PERSECUTION book. This is a masterpiece of suspense and thriller fiction,...
a proud taste for scarlet and miniver
E.L. Konigsburg
E.L. Konigsburg is an American novelist known for her children’s books such as "Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver".
a search in time
Paul E. Petty
Paul Petty wrote a book called A SEARCH IN TIME. He wanted to describe his life in a way that...
a series of small maneuvers
Eliot Treichel
A SERIES OF SMALL MANEUVERS is a collection of short stories about a woman who was once a dancer, but...
a son of the circus
John Irving
We all, at some point in our lives, have seen a movie or documentary that we really liked and wanted...
a vulgar tale
Ebenezer Hellwig
When writing a description, it is good to use a mix of interesting words and relevant words.
after the rain
Norma Fox Mazer
I have written a book titled "After the Rain" and I want to describe the topic in a way that...
Meg Cabot
AirHead, the protagonist of this book, is a character who likes to live in a fantasy world. She doesn't care...
Eoin Colfer
Airman is a young boy who loves to draw. One day, his family buys him an artist's easel for his...
Martin Olczak
The last copywriter on this project had already written tons of content and that made things so slow for me....
Heather Tregaskes
AKASHA is a book written by Heather Tregaskes, the author of "Girl Power: The Work and Life of Women in...
al capone does my shirts
Gennifer Choldenko
AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRTS is a historical fiction set in Chicago during the 1920s. It follows Capone's rise to...
Joseph Kanon
This is the first book by Joseph Kanon. It focuses on creating and producing the daily routine for a company’s...
aliens ate my homework
Bruce Coville
This book is a novel that tells the story of a college student named Harold who meets an alien. The...
all you desire
Kirsten Miller
All You Desire is a book written by Kirsten Miller. The book is about the very powerful ideas that women...
Neal Stephenson
This book is a novel about the future of mankind. It details the nature of nanotechnology, a technological phenomenon that...
and the rain came down
S.A. Bailey
This book is a powerful meditation on the relationship between your mind and your heart.
L.P. Swalheim
“The angelic book is a collection of short stories, poems and essays by L.P. Swalheim. The stories are set in...
Danielle Trussoni
The book, ANGELOLOGY by Danielle Trussoni is an inspirational book dedicated to the animated creatures of the world. This book...
antigone; oedipus the king; electra
We can imagine a lot of possibilities with AI writing assistants. They can be used to generate content for specific...
anyas ghost
Vera Brosgol
The book is about a girl who has a special connection with ghosts and spirits. She can interact with them...
archangels consort
Nalini Singh
The publisher has asked me to write a description for the book, "ARCHANGELS CONSORT: The Book of Ascension", an international...
art & soul
Brittainy C. Cherry
ART& SOUL by Brittainy C. Cherry is a collection of stories about people who have done extraordinary things, both in...
as meat loves salt
Maria McCann
Describing your products or services is something that should be done by a professional. But while we are trying to...
au-delà des mers salées... un désir de liberté
Fateh Emam
This book is a masterpiece of literature. A French-Iranian author, Fateh Emam, has written this book to tell the story...
audrey, wait!
Robin Benway
The story of Audrey and her four-year-old son, Jack, is a poignant tale of a mother's struggle to stay afloat,...
aurora rising
Amie Kaufman
An Aurora Rising book is a book that is like a walk-through of your personal life. Amie Kaufman did just...
Christina Lauren
"Autobiography" is a story about a boy and a girl who fall in love and choose to make their relationship...
avogadro corp
William Hertling
Every page of AVOGADRO CORP’s books is engaging. One of the best features is that every page is a book...
Yuriria Harris
AWAKENING is a science fiction novel with a strong spiritual element. The story includes the last tree in a forest...
The book is part of the Silicon Valley startup scene. Silicon Valley startups are constantly investing in new technology that...
bared to you
Sylvia Day
The book is a collection of short stories told from the viewpoint of a woman undergoing all phases of menopause....
bartletts rule
Chelle Cordero
This is a simple example of an introduction to a book. It’s also a brief introduction to the subject. This...
battle cry of freedom
James M. McPherson
The Battle Cry of Freedom is a Pulitzer Prize winning book by James M. McPherson that provides a history of...
becoming naomi león
Pam MuГ±oz Ryan
This book is a story of two young women,Naomi LeГіn and her love interest,Gabriel. Their love grows from the moment...
bedava gergedan
Orhan Cem Г‡etin
Context: A book written for a Turkish businessman by a German author.The book was published in German and Turkish, and...
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