Haruki Murakami
1Q84 is a 1-2 book by Haruki Murakami. It was released in Japan in April 2014 and in the US...
5150, rue des ormes
Patrick SenГ©cal
This book, written by the well-known French author Patrick SenГ©cal, is a treatise on the history of French R&D. It...
99 days
Katie Cotugno
99 Days is a non-fiction book by Katie Cotugno. It explains how to live for a month without having any...
a court of mist and fury
Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Mist and Fury is the second book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas....
a man in full
Tom Wolfe
This book is about a man who doesn't really exist, but is described by the author in vivid detail.Wolfe's book...
a map of the world
Jane Hamilton
I love to read and write travel books. I always find myself wanting to visit new places and see new...
a passion denied
Julie Lessman
A PASSION DENIED is a book by National Bestselling Author Julie Lessman.
a promise of fire
Amanda Bouchet
This is the first step of the book description. It is a short introduction to the book, a summary of...
Jason McKenney
The title of the book is a strong indication to readers that it will be a good read. But the...
a second chance in paradise
Tom Winton
The book will be about a young man who immigrated to Australia in 1980s. He was taught English by his...
a tale of time city
Diana Wynne Jones
This is a short description of the book, in which you will find your role as an author. We will...
a theory of justice
John Rawls
I'm a life-long Rawls fan. I think his theory of justice is one of the most important and important ideas...
a year in provence
Peter Mayle
"A Year in Provence" is a travel book by Peter Mayle. It tells the story of his time spent in...
a year without autumn
Liz Kessler
An American author who has spent a year without the seasons in her native New York City.
Clive Barker
The book is about Clive Barker's personal experiences with death and the afterlife in the form of a series of...
abbys journey
Steena Holmes
The book, "ABBYS JOURNEY" by Steena Holmes is a cult classic, and it is not surprising that after years of...
address unknown
Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
ADDRESS UNKNOWN is a novel by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor that describes the journey of Kate, a woman who had always...
The book is about the successful battle between the US and Japan in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.The...
Scott Westerfeld
Afterlife is a science fiction book by fantasy writer Scott Westerfeld. The story follows two teenagers, named David and Jonathan,...
agent 21
Chris Ryan
Agent 21 is a book by author Chris Ryan. It was published in 2016.
alana candler, marked for murder
Joanie Bruce
ALANA CANDLER, MARKED FOR MURDER starts off with the mystery of a sickly teenage girl who is found dead in...
albert and the amazing pillow monsters
Justin Drazin
Lauren Drazin is a well-known author in her field. She writes about the science of sleep and how sleep affects...
Aleshia Robinson
“The book Aleshia Robinson wrote is for those who are trying to find the meaning of life. It is a...
all the light we cannot see
Anthony Doerr
All The Light We Cannot See is an incredible book that tells the story of two young people caught up...
all the stars and teeth
Adalyn Grace
A short description of a book, which needs to be described accurately.
Alex Parker
When it comes to books, a writer can be creative. They try to paint a picture for the reader. But...
ammie, come home
Barbara Michaels
AMMIE, COME HOME is a heartwarming story of a woman who suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her...
an appeal to the young
Pyotr Kropotkin
The author of the book "An Appeal to the Young" is a famous Russian novelist and social critic. His works...
K.A. Tucker
This book is a collection of short stories and poetry written by K.A. Tucker with a theme of faith and...
and the ass saw the angel
Nick Cave
In the beginning of the year, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released their new album 'The Mercy Seat'. In...
angel fire east
Terry Brooks
It is so common to write book reviews, whether on Amazon or in a magazine. And so it should be....
angel on the square
Gloria Whelan
I have been looking forward to writing this book for a long time. The publication date is on the horizon...
L.A. Cooper
ANGELS SECRETS is a book by author L.A. Cooper that teaches you to develop your own brand and establish yourself...
S.J. West
Anna, the main character of the book, might be a strong-willed woman with a high IQ. People who are inclined...
Jeff VanderMeer
Annotation is a technique used in the citation of scientific papers and books to inform the reader about how reliable...
apex hides the hurt
Colson Whitehead
APEX HIDES THE HURT is a book featuring Colson Whitehead's personal experience of fighting through the pain of a serious...
arrangement in black and white
Fred Misurella
In this book, Fred Misurella explains how to create an effective ad campaign. He talks about how to approach the...
ask the passengers
A.S. King
A.S. King is a writer who has been around for over 40 years. Her books have been translated to over...
This book is a collection of essays by self-identified individuals with Asperger Syndrome.The book is divided into four sections: "The...
at roads end
Zoe Saadia
For the first time ever, a book has been written about a theme. It is an important theme for the...
aylak adam
Yusuf AtД±lgan
AYLAK ADAM is a story about a man and his two best friends, who have the ability to travel in...
back by dawn
Jennifer McArdle
Back by Dawn is the first book in a new series of novels by Jennifer McArdle. The story takes place...
be mine tonight
Kathryn Smith
Be Mine Tonight is a romance novel written by Kathryn Smith. It was published in 2009 and is the first...
beautiful, naked & dead
Josh Stallings
becoming sage
Kasi Alexander
A copywriter from an agency describes the process of how he achieved success to become a Sage.It is important that...
April Margeson
The book is written by April Margeson and contains a series of different BEGINNING sections. It is recommended to read...
behind the scenes
Dahlia Adler
She originally wrote the book BEHIND THE SCENES, but it became a bestseller when it was released in 2017, and...
being there
Jerzy KosiЕ„ski
With a little help of a writing assistant, Jerzy KosiЕ„ski is able to write descriptive and engaging descriptions for his...
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