Gay and Lesbian

13 to life
Shannon Delany
13 TO LIFE is a book that follows the life of a teenage girl who is bullied in middle school,...
23 things they dont tell you about capitalism
Ha-Joon Chang
The author of the book, Ha-Joon Chang, used a combination of psychology and mathematics to develop the theory behind this...
7 ans après
Guillaume Musso
The following book is a collection of articles on the Art of Advanced Searching.
This is a book by two friends of mine. They started as publishers but now they are an independent brand....
a court of thorns and roses
Sarah J. Maas
Rereading this novel in anticipation of its last installment is bittersweet. Those who have reread it know how the story...
a deepness in the sky
Vernor Vinge
We are living in a time of profound change. With advancements in technology affecting every aspect of our lives, we...
a drink before the war
Dennis Lehane
You know why people read books? Because they like to think about what is going on in the world. You...
a feast of flesh, a banquet of bones
Isaac Hobbs
A FEAST OF FLESH, A BANQUET OF BONES is a new book by Isaac Hobbs.
a fox called woff
Leslie Austin
We all know that we need to be creative when describing people and events. While there are many ways of...
a girl from yamhill
Beverly Cleary
A GIRL FROM YAMHILL is a children's book by Beverly Cleary. This story tells the story of a girl, Ramona...
a glory of unicorns
Bruce Coville
A GLORY OF UNICORNS is a book by Bruce Coville. It is about the relationship between humans and unicorns and...
a lions pride
Alyssa Rae
As the book is to be read by a lot of people, it needs to be described in a way...
a star called henry
Roddy Doyle
A STAR CALLED HENRY is one of the best-selling books of all time. However, it has been a very hard...
a touch mortal
Leah Clifford
She is a British author, known for her first book 'A Touch Mortal'.The book describes the life of a 16-year-old...
a touch of greatness
Frank Tibolt
I was thinking of a very short introduction for this book.The book is about the life of Frank Tibolt, one...
a way back to life
Mark Phillips
A Way Back to Life is a compelling and inspirational story of one man’s struggle to survive against all odds....
a white merc with fins
James Hawes
James Hawes has written an amazing book entitled A WHITE MERC WITH FINS. The book is a story about a...
aarabassa world, series one
Catherine L. Vickers
This book is about a little boy and his family who live in Saudi Arabia. One day, as they are...
about a boy
Nick Hornby
About a Boy is a novel by British writer Nick Hornby. It was published in 1998 and tells the story...
The following write description is for book title "ACHES: The Art of Creative Writing in Social Media.
adversity builds character; an inspirational true life story of disability, addiction and acceptance
Tom Ufert
An inspirational true life story of disability, an inspiring true life story of disability - this is a problem that...
after we collided
Anna Todd
A copywriter may be able to write about a specific topic, but not always the right way. If you want...
against the day
Thomas Pynchon
The book is a reference to the famous American author and a classic piece of writing. We intend to provide...
age of shadows
R.A. Foster
This book is a collection of short stories about the life of a real person, located in New York in...
all the walls of belfast
Sarah Carlson
The book is about the history of Belfast and its inhabitants.
all these things ive done
Gabrielle Zevin
This book is a collection of stories of the author’s passions, projects, and successes. Her stories are highly entertaining when...
always kiss me goodnight
Megan Gaudino
amaretto flame
Sammie Spencer
It is widely known that AMARETTO FLAME is the first book to bring together the world's leading experts in the...
american born chinese
Gene Luen Yang
"American Born Chinese" is a graphic novel written by Gene Luen Yang. It is an award-winning, acclaimed, and well-known American...
american pastoral
Philip Roth
The novel "American Pastoral" by Philip Roth is a work of fiction. It's not based on reality and therefore does...
amish love letters
Samantha Bayarr
The AMISH LOVE LETTERS is a book by Samantha Bayar about Amish culture. It was published in 2016 by Random...
among the brave
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Writing a description for a book is an integral part of the writing process. I am going to discuss how...
Daniel H. Wilson
In this book, the author Daniel H. Wilson explores the world of AMPEDs (Application-Multidimensional Processing Editions). He explains how these...
an enchantment of ravens
Margaret Rogerson
A very good example of a book by an Australian author, Margaret Rogerson. The author has written a very well...
Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist who is widely known for her philosophy of objectivism. She published her most famous...
archibald finch and the lost witches
Michel Guyon
This article describes the life story of Michel Guyon. This book takes a look at Michel Guyon’s early life and...
attack on titan, vol. 1
Hajime Isayama
Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 is the first in a series of graphic novels that reimagine the world of Attack...
Ali Smith
In her new book, Autumn, Ali Smith has created two overlapping and intersecting worlds. One is the world of the...
axe cop, vol. 1
Malachai Nicolle
The book is about a stalker who tries to kill the person he loves the most. The book tells the...
because of low
Abbi Glines
Abbi Glines is an award-winning author who started writing. Though she has authored over 20 novels, her latest book, "Low,"...
Cyrus Keith
After completing his PhD in English Literature, Cyrus Keith decided to pursue a career in writing. He is currently the...
before the fall
Noah Hawley
It is hard to find a good description for a book without having any knowledge of the author. But today,...
before the moon rises
Catherine Bybee
The description that you write for a book is the first thing that people read and it is the biggest...
beneath the floodlights
Martin Tracey
The book is about the life of Lord Byron. He was a brilliant creative genius who turned everything that he...
Wanda Wiltshire
In the last few years there has been a lot of interest in the book "Betrothals and Betrothed: Understanding Women's...
between shades of gray
Ruta Sepetys
BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY is a beautifully written story of a girl who survived the Holocaust.It is an eye-opening book...
between us baxters
Bethany Hegedus
This is a book that tells a story of two people from different cultures who meet and fall in love....
bitter end
Jennifer Brown
Write description for a book about the sexual abuse of children.
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