Graphic Novels

The theme of the book is: “The Infiltration of Eden”, but how did the book go through this crazy journey?...
21 lessons for the 21st century
Yuval Noah Harari
The 21st century will be a time of unprecedented change. There will be:1.Migration from traditional to digital world2.Migration from highly...
614 scarlet ct
Bon Blossman
Sixteen-year-old Scarlet has the world at her fingertips. She's freer than anyone else, living in a digital world of video...
8th amendment
Jonna Ivin
Though the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution forbids states and their political subdivisions from imposing cruel and unusual...
a bell for adano
John Hersey
"A BELL FOR ADANO" is a well-known novel by John Hersey, published in 1945. The book tells the story of...
a gathering of twine
Martin Adil-Smith
"A Gathering of Twine" is a novel by Martin Adil-Smith.
a gentleman in moscow
Amor Towles
This book is about a man who goes to Russia in order to find his true self. He finds that...
a harrowing education
Michael McGuire
I wrote this book as a kind of training manual for the education industry.
a healing heart
Melissa A. Hanson
One of the most challenging aspects in writing a book is the description. It’s always good to have an idea...
a light into the darkness
Shelly Goodman Wright
Shelly Goodman Wright's debut novel, A Light Into The Darkness, is a coming-of-age story told through a series of letters...
a living nightmare
Darren Shan
A Living Nightmare is a dark, thrilling horror novel by Darren Shan. It is the second book in The Saga...
a man for all seasons
Robert Bolt
The book "A Man for All Seasons" by Robert Bolt is a classic.
a perfect evil
Alex Kava
The book 'A Perfect Evil' is a novel by Alex Kava. The point of view in the book is narrated...
a surreptitious relationship
Jordan Lynde
A SURREPTITIOUS RELATIONSHIP is a book written by Jordan Lynde. It’s a psychological thriller, which tells the story of Renata...
a tale of two castles
Gail Carson Levine
The title of the book, A TALE OF TWO CASTLES, describes a series of books about a fantasy world called...
a tangle of knots
Lisa Graff
#Knots is a good example of a book that would benefit from a strong description. Since the book is humorous,...
a window girl of amsterdam
Janine Soucie Kelley
This must be one of the most talked about books on Amazon for years. The book tells the story about...
absalom, absalom!
William Faulkner
In one of the most popular novels in American literature, William Faulkner wrote about the life of an African American...
Malinda Lo
The Adaptation series by Malinda Lo is a sci-fi young adult fantasy series following the lives of two teens, Charlie...
addicted to greed
Catherine Rose Putsche
The story is about a girl who wakes up in a world where people are addicted to money. The individual...
akata witch
Nnedi Okorafor
AKATA WITCH is a story of two worlds, one where witches exist and one where they don't. The novel follows...
alchemist of the east
Aporva Kala
"Alchemist of the East" is a novel written by Aporva Kala. This is her debut work and it was published...
Christina Henry
In order to make our customers impressed with products and services offered by the company, we need to do a...
all summer long
Susan Mallery
I love to read but I often find myself finding more time for reading in the summer. So I thought...
"We have the tendency to be overwhelmed by the amount of information we find on social media. A lot of...
Christopher Pike
The book "A Logical Approach to Software Architecture" by Christopher Pike is one of the most famous books on software...
amethyst eyes
Debbie Brown
This book is a humorous romp through the world of art. It's about some of the people who have shaped...
among the enemy
Margaret Peterson Haddix
A group of bodyguards is hired for protection of an old woman who is on her way to a birthday...
The Age of Show Business is the most spectacular time in the history of entertainment. The TV shows, movies and...
and eternity
Piers Anthony
I am a copywriter at AND ETERNITY, a UK-based agency that helps clients create their own marketing content. This section...
Chelsea Fine
This book is about an author who is trying to make sense of her life, and the idea that she...
Sharon Shinn
The book, Angelica, written by Sharon Shinn, is about a woman whose life changes when she meets and falls in...
anti-prom, the
Abby McDonald
An anti-prom book that aims to be a guide for people who have been affected by promiscuity.
arousing love
M.H. Strom
In this book, the writer is supposed to describe how the love between two people can be aroused, and what...
as a man thinketh
James Allen
The book is the result of a joint effort between an American farmer and a British businessman. They used the...
ash magic
Kalcee Clornel
Ash Magic is a magical story about a girl named Ash who believes in magic. One day, she finds out...
at any price
Brenna Aubrey
AT ANY PRICE is a short and intriguing mystery novel about a woman’s search for her missing childhood friend. The...
auroras angel
Emily Noon
AURORAS ANGEL is the first book of Emily Noon’s series. Which is an urban fantasy with a strong female character.I...
autobiography of a yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda
A landmark spiritual autobiography by one of the most influential spiritual masters of the twentieth century.Paramahansa Yogananda was born in...
automatic woman
Nathan Yocum
Autonomous women are women with highly autonomous and autonomous personalities. They are socially disadvantaged because of their inability to interact...
beautiful country
J.R. Thornton
The book BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY is about the beauty of a country and the people living there. We need to write...
beautiful stranger
Christina Lauren
You can have a very rough idea of what an awesome author looks like. This example is the description for...
bee season
Myla Goldberg
"It is a seasonal book. It is about the seasons and what goes with them. It talks about the emotions...
Kevin Brooks
BEING is an award-winning science fiction novel that tells the story of a man who is tasked with recording humanity's...
best served cold
Joe Abercrombie
A brutal fantasy novel in which disgraced mercenary Logen Ninefingers is hired by the Emperor of the Known World to...
beware the riptide
Deborah McClatchey
This book is about a woman who has lived through a nightmare. She does not know what to do next...
black sunrise
Christina Engela
We are all familiar with this story: Russell Crowe's Black Sunrise was a movie about a man who survived a...
blood magic
Jennifer Lyon
Blood magic is a series of books written by Tessa Gratton about a werewolf girl named Paige who must follow...
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