Historical Fiction

12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos may be a little boring and very dry. It might be over-complicated...
3rd degree
James Patterson
3rd Degree is a popular character in James Patterson's novel.
a castle of doomsday
Michael G. Kramer
This is a horror story about a castle and a family that has been in it for generations. One night,...
a confissão de lúcio
MГЎrio de SГЎ-Carneiro
A CONFISSГѓO DE LГљCIO is a book by MГЎrio de SГЎ Carneiro. It was published in 1681 and has been...
a conspiracy of goodness
C.P.T. Jennings
This is a short intro chapter for a book called A CONSPIRACY OF GOODNESS. The book is described as “The...
a crown of swords
Robert Jordan
The A Crown of Swords is a book by Robert Jordan. It is the second part of The Wheel of...
a cry to war
E.O. Odiase
A CRY TO WAR is a fictional war novel set in Nigeria of the 1960s. The story is based on...
a density of souls
Christopher Rice
A Density of Souls is a book about his personal experiences in the business world.
a fatal grace
Louise Penny
A FATAL GRACE is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's an easy read and...
a girl named disaster
Nancy Farmer
In the book, a girl named Disaster is born when her parents are killed in a tornado. All she has...
a good american
Alex George
A Good American is an entertaining book written by Alex George about a very unusual guy, Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka...
a good girl
Chandana Roy
A GOOD GIRL is a story of Simran, who has always been a good girl. She listens to what others...
a good kind of knowing
Kathy Lynn Harris
We should not be afraid of the future. It's a place where knowledge and creativity are advancing at an exponential...
Dante Craddock
People love to read about the superpowers, so how about a power of love?
a man to call my own
Johanna Lindsey
With the help of a writer’s assistant, you can deliver a book that will make your readers fall in love...
a memoir of carl
Jane Jordan
Each chapter of the book is a short story - ideal for a memoir of Carl, an ordinary man who...
a world apart
Steven A. Tolle
The book is about a man who left his wife and children to travel around the world. He didn’t know...
a world without heroes
Brandon Mull
The World Without Heroes is a novel that tells the story of a world where everyone has forgotten about heroes,...
Magda SzabГі
Magda Szabó, a Hungarian author, has written an amazing book called ABIGÉL. The book is about the process of being...
Talitha Kalago
Understanding the book is not easy. It contains the author’s opinion on everything from the past to his future plan....
addicted to you
Krista Ritchie
Krista Ritchie is an author who gives advice on how to deal with ADD.The book is quite a journey into...
an earthly knight
Janet McNaughton
FEATURESDescription:ACTRESS SLAYS NAME. The world is a dark place for THE EARTHLY KNIGHT. Yet, the evil Queen has grown desperate...
an impossible dream story
J.V. Petretta
A book with a compelling story is worth reading.Automating the writing process:
and all the stars
Andrea K. Höst
This is the section of the book that I am going to focus on.We will talk about how to write...
The description of a book is a big part of the content marketing strategy. It should be written in a...
and quiet flows the don
Mikhail Sholokhov
Readers are eager to find the best solution and most effective route for solving problems. They like to be shown...
angel fall
Coleman Luck
The story revolves around two main characters, Benny and Mel. They are both sent to the same school, but Mel...
angelwood. kings & queens
Hendrik Birke
The book is about the life of Hendrik Birke, a famous Dutch writer and playwright. The book follows his life...
anils ghost
Michael Ondaatje
This book is an autobiographical novel, written by an English writer Michael Ondaatje. It was published in the United States...
anna, the princess, and the pendant
J.E. London
For the book cover, we should write a description that is appealing and relevant to the target reader.An attractive and...
annabran documents, the holy book of pantheism
I have seen several authors create a Book of Pan-Theism and then write a description about it on the internet....
antony and cleopatra
William Shakespeare
In this famous play, a young Egyptian queen must defy her brother, the powerful Egyptian king, in order to save...
asterix the gaul
RenГ© Goscinny
I wouldn't recommend this book for non-serious readers. All the information is presented in a very simplistic way that could...
Jodi Meadows
Asunder is a non-profit organization that helps people overcome obstacles to living independently by providing resources and support.
awake and dreaming
Kit Pearson
The book is about how dreams can help us and how we can use them to our advantage. The main...
Billie Sue Mosiman
"Banned" is a book by Billie Sue Mosiman. "Banned" was published in 2011 and is highly controversial due to the...
becoming human
Eliza Green
'Becoming Human' is a novel by British writer Eliza Green, which tackles the idea of human evolution. It will be...
BEOWULF is a classic Old English epic poem written in the 8th century.BEOWULF tells an old heroic myth that deals...
black is the colour
Helen Howe
Black is the color of my handwriting, so this is the color of my book.The black colour is an important...
black wings
Christina Henry
Black Wings is a very interesting Kavinsky-inspired concept album, and the Black Wings band is the main theme of it....
blame it all on my boots
Kalan Chapman Lloyd
The idea of this project is to write a detailed introduction about a book written by one of the best...
Lauren Myracle
In this section we will present a complete description of the book and tell what kind of content is inside.
Dulce Amor Soriano
An author’s life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes he or she needs to write about the most difficult...
blue is for nightmares
Laurie Faria Stolarz
Blue is for Nightmares is the third book in the best-selling The Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz. The book...
boy 23
Jim Carrington
BoY 23 is a book about managing kids, written by the renowned author Jim Carrington. The book's main topic is...
brian boru - freedom within the heart
Mark Mahon
The book, Freedom Within the Heart is a gripping account of what happened to Brian Boru in his last days...
bright lights, big city
Jay McInerney
With the introduction section, some writers tend to focus on creating as much activity in the introduction as possible. They...
buried threads
Kaylin McFarren
The title of the book is "BURIED THREADS: THE JOURNEY TO THE CURVE". The book is a collection of stories...
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