124 soul liberating poems of rodolfo martin vitangcol
Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
This book is a collection of 124 poems by Rodolfo Martin V. It is a book of poetry written in...
27 days to midnight
Kristine Kruppa
For the first time in history, people will be able to literally experience 27 days of midnight. And this is...
a blue sky
Natasha Jennings
Blue Sky is a great book. It is one of my personal favorites. I love the writing style of Natasha...
A book about strategy is something that most business strategists might be interested in. But it's not easy to understand...
a bride most begrudging
Deeanne Gist
The first part of the book is a memoir of Deeanne Gist's experiences as a bride. The second section is...
a brief chapter in my impossible life
Dana Reinhardt
She is a rising young author who writes about her experiences.
a bubble wrapped life
E.P. McKenna
After reading the introduction, people have a chance to read about the various types of content that E.P. McKenna wrote...
a canticle for leibowitz
Walter M. Miller Jr.
A very high-profile book is almost a must-have for any author. By completing this task, you can show that you...
a conspiracy of kings
Megan Whalen Turner
There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and it is not unusual to find people who believe them....
a disturbed girl implodes
James Howell
A Disturbed Girl is a book about a girl who in her teenage years was sexually abused by her father....
a flower reborn
Kirstin Graham
Kirstin Graham is a famous author in the publishing industry. She has written bestsellers for several publishers, including: "The Cara...
a game of villains
Anton Emelianov
A Game of Villains was a book written by Anton Emelianov, in which the author tells the story about a...
a mother to embarrass me
Carol Lynch Williams
Another book I would like to recommend is by Carol Lynch Williams. It is a beautifully written story about a...
a nearly normal family
M.T. Edvardsson
The world of psychology is constantly changing, which means that there will be new theories and new ways to look...
a pardon for tommy
Patricia Nmukoso Enyi
This book is written by a Nigerian author who left Nigeria to pursue his dreams in Europe. He realized that...
a prayer for owen meany
John Irving
Owen Meany is the main character in John Irving’s novel ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’. This book is set in...
a proper pursuit
Lynn Austin
Within the past years, the industry has been focusing on SEO and content marketing. This is because it is one...
a rose in winter
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
A ROSE IN WINTER is the story of a romantic relationship between two men, both of whom are in their...
a shade of vampire
Bella Forrest
Bella Forrest is an American author who has written more than twenty-five books so far. She is famous for her...
a streetcar named desire
Tennessee Williams
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a walk across america
Peter Jenkins
Peter Jenkins' book is an autobiographical account of his experiences in Mexico and the US. It's a very interesting and...
academs fury
Jim Butcher
The story follows Harry Dresden, wizard and private investigator, as he investigates a new series of murders in Chicago.It's been...
Jack Kilborn
In the past, people had to describe a book with words. They described it with screenshots and tables. These methods...
africas child
Maria Nhambu
The book is about African children's experience of racism and how they cope with it.A collection of short stories and...
after you
Jojo Moyes
Jojo Moyes is a well-known author. He has written several bestsellers. One of them is "After You" which is a...
akira, vol. 1
Katsuhiro Otomo
AKIRA, VOL. 1 is an upcoming book by Japanese manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo.##Section topic: Create Ebook for a specific niche/topic:Introduction:...
James A. Michener
The novel is set in Alaska during the early 1900s and tells a story of a young woman who travels...
alexander crowley - a new king in town
Don Barr
Alexander Crowley is the new king of the Wild West. He is also a great motivation and motivator. His book...
all the dancing birds
Auburn McCanta
The story follows a young artist who finds herself in a magical world where the birds dance and sing. The...
all tomorrows parties
William Gibson
Get ready for the new trends that are coming very soon. They will take over the world and you will...
alpha gene
Ángel M. Huerta
The novel is set in a dystopian future in which the world is ruled by an ancient cult, the Alpha...
always been mine
Elizabeth Reyes
What is always been mine?WITH THE NEW SECOND GENERATION of writing assistants, authors can now generate content for a specific...
Lissa D'Angelo
"This book will help you learn about the new techniques of anesthesiologists. It will also serve as a valuable reference...
and then the sky exploded
David A. Poulsen
The book is about a young man who leaves the city and begins a journey through the wilderness, hoping to...
arcadias gift
Jesi Lea Ryan
The ARCADIAS GIFT is a new and original way of marketing your products in which you can discover new customers...
Sylvia Plath
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Anita S.J.
The AI based writing assistant is a powerful tool that will help writers write better content.The ASMI (Anita S.J. -...
at peace
Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley is a well-known author of romantic novels. She has written millions of copies of her novels. Since she...
Amy Croucher Rose
AVALAND is a young adult novel about a teenage girl who travels to an amusement park to find out the...
Micalea Smeltzer
"The Warrior in Me" was written by my friend Micalea Smeltzer. В I would like to tell the truth about my...
Rachel M. Humphrey-D'aigle
The book was written by Rachel M. Humphrey-D'aigle, who has a degree in literature and is currently working as a...
awakening foster kelly
Cara Rosalie Olsen
Read and enjoy this book!We can use artificial intelligence to improve the writing process. The AI writers will be able...
Jacqueline Carey
The movie “Banshee”, starring Jennifer Connelly and Sean Harris, won the 1996 Academy Award for Best Picture. The book that...
barbara reilly
Carl Grimsman
Barbara is a great book author and she has been incredibly successful in her career. Her bestseller, "The Power of...
barbie girl
Heidi Acosta
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William D. Montalbano
William D. Montalbano is an American poet and author of "BASILICA: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Building", a...
be careful what you joust for
Ryan Hauge
The book BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU JOUST FOR by Ryan Hauge is a well-known book on the topic of sports...
bed of roses
Nora Roberts
A good description can make the book more appealing to readers. It can provide enough information for potential readers to...
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