172 hours on the moon
Johan Harstad
The description tag in the article is very important if we want to make it easy for readers to find...
365 fun, uplifting, and inspirational quotes from all the top movies
Daniel Willey
"Can you please help me?""I'm sorry. I can't."-D, the Disney character from "Toy Story"To be a good person is to...
90 packets of instant noodles
Deb Fitzpatrick
This is an introduction to a book about instant noodles: It's the perfect read for anyone who loves long-lasting comfort...
a christmas proposal
Sherri Hayes
A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL is a romantic Christmas novel.Sherri Hayes wrote this novel for the holidays and because it was her...
a curse dark as gold
Elizabeth C. Bunce
A CURSE DARK AS GOLD is a novel that explores the lives of three women who are all cursed with...
a lot like love
Julie James
It is one of the rare books that can teach you how to be a better writer. It is a...
a monk and his girlfriend
Maxin James
In this book, the author shares a love story of a monk and his girlfriend in the tradition of 1001...
a new forest witch
Siobhan Searle
This book is about the author Siobhan Searle's journey from a life in rural Ireland to living in London. It's...
a pale view of hills
Kazuo Ishiguro
A PALE VIEW OF HILLS is a collection of short stories that explore the anxieties and insecurities of human existence....
a path begins
J.A. White
The author, J.A. White, has written a book called "A Path Begins". It deals with the topic of why we...
a proscriptive relationship
Jordan Lynde
A PROSCRIPTIVE RELATIONSHIP is a book about the different kinds of relationships that companies have and how they can impact...
a rose in the devils garden
Anthony Paolucci
The A ROSE IN THE DEVILS GARDEN book by Anthony Paolucci is a highly anticipated work from the Italian crime...
a song for arbonne
Guy Gavriel Kay
A Song for Arbonne is a novel by Guy Gavriel Kay.It was published in 1980 by HarperCollins Publishers.The novel is...
a sound of thunder and other stories
Ray Bradbury
This is a collection of short stories from the master of science fiction and horror, Ray Bradbury. He is known...
a treatise of human nature
David Hume
In this book, David Hume tries to explain why human beings are the way they are. Some of his thoughts...
all fall down
Ally Carter
As a sequel to the first book, this story will be told from many different perspectives. You can expect more...
all of the rogers
Erin Lockwood
At first, she's just a website in the background of our lives. But then the website starts predicting all of...
almost summer
Susan Mallery
With help from AI writers, Susan will be able to write a more impressive description of her upcoming book. She...
Dar Williams
AMALEE is a collection of stories from different women. It's a collection that will take you back to your childhood...
This book tells the story of how Americans have failed to take action in the wake of tragic events like...
among the betrayed
Margaret Peterson Haddix
This book is about a mother who is torn between her daughter’s boyfriend and her husband.Section topic: Write description for...
an absolutely remarkable thing
Hank Green
The Absolutely Remarkable Thing is the story of a boy who finds a mysterious blue cube and what that cube...
an innocent client
Scott Pratt
This is a short introduction to the book and what it covers.
and then things fall apart
Arlaina Tibensky
The author Arlaina Tibensky is a transhumanist, who believes that humans will become obsolete in the future. This means that...
Katja Rusanen
In the words of the author, "a book which is not written by an author who already has a popular...
anita and me
Meera Syal
This was the first time that a book was published with 4 authors and a common theme. We take the...
apocalypse cow
Michael Logan
"The Apocalypse Cow" is a story by Michael Logan. A group of people are making a movie about the apocalypse....
artemis dreamt
Crystal Beran
Artemis Dreamt is an artist and a writer living in the Russian Federation. She has been a speaker at various...
as you like it
William Shakespeare
AS YOU LIKE IT is a comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to be written around 1609-10, about the misadventures of...
ascension of the whyte
Karen Wrighton
The chapter in the book - Whyte's last great ride - is about the end of an era. The story...
Gina Rosati
This book is about what does AURACLE stand for. It will be an important tool for students who are interested...
baby huey
James Henderson
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the author James Henderson has written a book for young readers. The book is called...
bajki robotów
StanisЕ‚aw Lem
In this science fiction book, the author uses a different perspective to explore the moral dilemmas of everyday life. He...
ballads of suburbia
Stephanie Kuehnert
We have posted a book review of Ballads Of Suburbia, the first book by Stephanie Kuehnert, and it was very...
barry goupe - in the midst of lies
Sean P. McClure
bartleby the scrivener
Herman Melville
Bartleby the Scrivener is a fictional character, a narrator of American literature. He is described as a man who will...
beautiful creatures
Kami Garcia
In the wake of a supernatural disaster, the children left alive struggle to understand their new world. They are ruled...
before i go to sleep
S.J. Watson
I wrote a book about how to improve your sleep quality and you can use this book to help you...
C.D. Reiss
BEG is a book by C.D. Reiss (a CEO of a digital marketing agency) and it's an interesting book with...
being sixteen
Ally Condie
BEING SIXTEEN is a young adult book that tells the story of sixteen-year-old J.D. and his struggle with life, love...
beyond earth
Arlene Lagos
We as humans have the tendency to be lazy when it comes to writing descriptions of books and their contents....
Mo Hayder
It is a different kind of book compared to other books. It is a story book which tells the story...
black beauty
Anna Sewell
BLACK BEAUTY is a novel by English author Anna Sewell. The book was first published in 1877 and is one...
black cathedral
L.H. Maynard
This was a great experience for me. I was asked to write a description of the book, which was not...
black skies riviera
Catherine Wiltcher
Catherine Wiltcher's book Black Skies Rivaiera: The Firebird and the Eagle, is an exceptional work about the deepest connection between...
black sun rising
C.S. Friedman
This section topic is a sort of introduction for the book Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman.This article is a...
Blind Pony is a story about an animal who has never seen the sun, never felt dirt beneath his feet,...
blood in the skies
G.D. Falksen
A fictional account of the first successful human flight to space in a rocket called "Daedalus", which was piloted by...
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