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Emily James
A book is a collection of text written by one or more authors. A description is the part written by...
a bad case of stripes
David Shannon
A Bad Case of Stripes is a children’s book written by David Shannon and illustrated by Garth Williams. It was...
a black moon odyssey
Anirban Roy
It is a story of a young boy, ten years old, who is lost in the forest. He was on...
a country doctors notebook
Mikhail Bulgakov
Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov wrote this book during the time of Stalin's Great Purge. He explores how a country doctor...
a cure for the condition
Amy Surprenant
Amy Surprenant is a well-known author. She has written three books, one of which is a book on Secret Life...
a kiss gone bad
Jeff Abbott
The book is about the different stages of a relationship, their dynamics and how to make it work.
a match made in high school
Kristin Walker
High school is a time when you are getting to know yourself and your true personality. It's a time when...
a new penny
Bianca Bradbury
Bianca Bradbury is an author for the children’s book, A NEW PENNY. She has written a new picture book about...
a oriente del giardino delleden
Israel J. Singer
A ORIENTE DEL GIARDINO DELLEDEN is a book by Israel J. Singer written in the year 2015 and published by...
a painted house
John Grisham
The book will be published in both paperback and Kindle edition.In the book, the main characters - Matt and his...
a raucous time
Julia Hughes
RAUCOUS TIME is a book about a girl who takes the world by storm. She has an amazing sense of...
a reaper at the gates
Sabaa Tahir
A REAPER AT THE GATES is a fantasy action-adventure. It is one of the most successful fantasy novels of all...
a rented world
Merle Temple
Write a good description for A Rented World bookSection topic: What is the role of AI in marketing?Introduction:AI is increasingly...
a stranger came ashore
Mollie Hunter
On the surface, it looks like the book is not that interesting. However, if you read it carefully, you will...
a time to kill
John Grisham
A TIME TO KILL is a crime thriller novel by John Grisham.John Grisham is one of the most famous mystery...
a tree grows in brooklyn
Betty Smith
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story that has become a timeless classic. The novel tells...
Garth Nix
Garth Nix and his book "ABHORSEN" (a novelette) are alluringly described as a fantasy coming of age story.The author has...
academy 7
Anne Osterlund
Anne Osterlund, author of the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for Writers", reveals the habits that can...
S. Ragle
The book "AFFLICTION" by S. Ragle is a very interesting and beautiful book. It is about people who have gone...
Richard Crofton
The chapter is about agents of shadow, the keepers of the white book. It’s about a mysterious organization that is...
alices adventures in wonderland & other stories
Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland& Other Stories is a book of fantasy and poetry by English author Lewis Carroll (1832-1898). It...
all good things die in l.a
Anhoni Patel
This book is a collection of essays by one of the most influential writers in the world. With each essay,...
always outnumbered, always outgunned
Walter Mosley
In his recently published "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned: The Making of a Black Power Novel", Walter Mosley explains how he...
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
"The short description is the place where you introduce the book. It should be a summary of the book's content."
an astronauts guide to life on earth
Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield has visited space and published a book: "A journey through the stars" which is packed with inspiring stories,...
an echo in the bone
Diana Gabaldon
The main character, Jamie, is a Texas Ranger with an adventurous streak. She sets up a web site for the...
and they all fall down
Ashley DiMuzio
The book “And They All Fall Down” is a true story of a man who suffered from multiple sclerosis, and...
angelas ashes
Frank McCourt
The story of Frank McCourt's life is one of incredible hardship and pain. His parents separated when he was a...
A.J. Cattapan
"Angelhood" is a futuristic sci-fi novel by A.J. Cattapan that explores the impact of AI on humanity and the war...
Don LePan
In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the numbers of animals being saved for research. Some of...
anonymity jones
James Roy
From a client's point of view, the book is anonymous and it does not need any description. But from the...
assassination vacation
Sarah Vowell
The book is the perfect example of a book that uses the 9/11 conspiracy theory as its title and as...
Miranda Marie
The book covers the history of the Arizona Fire-Riders as told through its heroes.The AZALES RIDERS (THE FIRE RAIN CHRONICLES)...
baltasar and blimunda
JosГ© Saramago
Tarzan, Volume One is a collection of first two Tarzan novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. TARZAN, 1-2 was written in...
beautiful you
Chuck Palahniuk
BEAUTIFUL YOU is a book of short stories written by Chuck Palahniuk, an American author. It is a collection of...
beauty and the beast
Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
The author of Beauty and the Beast, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont wrote a book about her life and career. She...
because of mr. terupt
Rob Buyea
In this book, you will learn what it takes to become a successful writer, the different types of writing and...
bees to benny
Martin Renaud
BEES TO BENNY is a book about how to be more creative.
behind the bars
Brittainy C. Cherry
BEHIND THE BARS is a book written by Brittainy Cherry. It is the story of a 26-year-old woman who tried...
Cecil Castellucci
Cecil Castellucci is a very famous author of books. His books have been translated into multiple languages. He is also...
below sunlight
Ryan Adam Smith
This book is not only about the writing style but also about the author Ryan Adam Smith.
beyond the pale
A close and accurate description is critical to a book’s sales. We need to make sure that the reader gets...
black lamb and grey falcon
Rebecca West
Known as "the most influential woman of the 20th century," Rebecca West was a prolific writer. In this book, she...
blind spot
Laura Ellen
Blind Spot is a book written by Laura Ellen. It's about her 'experiences' with autism. She had a very difficult...
blood of a stone
Jeanne Lyet Gassman
The author of the book, Jeanne Lyet Gassman, is a biographer. She is known for writing a number of books...
bloods a rover
James Ellroy
A descriptive text is a crucial component of any good book. It tells the reader what the story is about,...
blow fly
Patricia Cornwell
The target is to create a quick description for the book BLOW FLY that will help it look like a...
Toni McGee Causey
The book is written by Toni McGee Causey. She is a writer of the first time, and she has never...
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