a black moon odyssey

A Black Moon Odyssey by Anirban Roy

Anirban Roy

It is a story of a young boy, ten years old, who is lost in the forest. He was on way to school when he was unable to find his way back. He spent days on end struggling to survive in the wild without any food or water, being surrounded by wolves and not knowing where he was headed.A Black Moon Odyssey is a children's book that tells the story of a boy who gets lost in the forest and struggles for survival against all odds. Full of adventure, suspense, and hope for young readers with a sense of wonder about nature.It is an intriguing tale from another world which will enthrall children and adults with its simple yet beautiful writing.

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"This book was written by a man with a vision of a new age. It brings the life of Saramay, the wandering god to live on in the imagination of people to this day, and it is a story that is relevant today." - Brian Hance
A Black Moon Odyssey picks up 10 years after the conclusion of The Black Moon Chronicles. These books are a series of interspersed stories set in the same world.In the series:"The Night of the Black Moon Beast""The Silence of the Black Moon Beast""The Storm of the Black Moon Beast""The Burning of the Black Moon Beast""The Wings of the Black Moon Beast""The Flame of the Black Moon
I needed to write a literature review about A Black Moon Odyssey and Ever After books. I read A Black Moon Odyssey with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Anirban Roy is a wonderful writer.