and they all fall down

And They All Fall Down by Ashley DiMuzio

Ashley DiMuzio

The book “And They All Fall Down” is a true story of a man who suffered from multiple sclerosis, and how he managed to survive. What makes the story more compelling is that it is told from the perspective of the MS patient himself. The book has been nominated for many awards, including a Pulitzer Prize, an International Book Award and the Richard J. Daley Book Award.

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"I've been a fan of Ashley's for a while. He's definitely one of the most talented writers out there. I've read all of her books because I enjoy her and I know they're good, so I figured I'd just wait for the next one. And it's finally here! And she actually wrote this book with another author, who co-wrote the first book. It's a sweet, fun, and easy read. This is the story of a girl who
I needed to write a literature review about And They All Fall Down and Pandoras Key books. I read And They All Fall Down with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ashley DiMuzio is a wonderful writer.