Beige by Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci is a very famous author of books. His books have been translated into multiple languages. He is also an illustrator and a cartoonist. One of his recent works is the BEIGE book by him, which contains illustrations and drawings designed by him.This book was written in collaboration between him and Jonathan Van Dalen, whose art style resembles heavily to his own artwork. The BEIGE book was published in 2017 and it was released on the same day as the original BEIGAE book by Castellucci himself, but it only has eight illustrations instead of eleven as in the original edition. It mostly consists of text-based illustrations with some images created from digital technologies like Photoshop and Illustrator .Thus this book could not be considered as a version of his original one because

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I needed to write a literature review about Beige and Re-humanize books. I read Beige with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Cecil Castellucci is a wonderful writer.