de brief voor de koning

De Brief Voor De Koning by Tonke Dragt

Tonke Dragt

DE BRIEF VOOR DE KONING is a book by Tonke Dragt about the life of Wilhelmina, the wife of King Willem II of the Netherlands. The book was published in 1910 and became one of the most popular books of that time.The novel is written in a diary-like style, with very little dialogue and many descriptions from Wilhelmina’s point of view. It is primarily about her life during and after her marriage to King Willem II, but it also covers the relationship between other members of their family and their servants.

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A great book about the Netherlands from a Dutch perspective.The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe with a huge impact on the world. Its geographical position has been important for centuries and it has shaped the development of Western society. It is praised for having an open and tolerant culture and its people are known for being hospitable and down to earth. This book discusses these aspects in detail, providing interesting facts about what makes the Netherlands unique. It also explains how this country has contributed
This is a well written children's book about the troubles of life. The book starts out with a young man, who is about to be crowned king, and has to be brave for the people that he rules. It also tells about his struggles and how the people help him.The story is great for children because it teaches that hard times will come, but there are always ways to get through them.It also shows how the king is brave and not afraid to admit
The story takes place in the Netherlands, during the reign of William I of Orange, and follows the adventures of Margaretha de Lalaing, a young girl based on the true story of Margaretha van Utrecht, the first (known) woman to write a book in Dutch.This is a story about a little girl named Margaretha de Lalaing. This girl is just your typical girl who lives in Holland around 1630. Her family is very
I needed to write a literature review about De Brief Voor De Koning and The Return Of The Soldier books. I read De Brief Voor De Koning with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Tonke Dragt is a wonderful writer.