defying fate

Defying Fate by S.M. Reine

S.M. Reine

"The new DEFYING FATE book is a spiritual successor to my first book, DEFYING ANGELS. The main character of this new book is now reincarnated as a young woman who will be able to overcome all her enemies and the obstacles she faced in her previous life. Her journey will take her through various adventures and trials that will challenge her spirit and strength. "Section topic: Write description for DUST IN THE AIR by S.M. ReineIntroduction:A story about an emotionally charged love story between two sisters, one completely ordinary, the other with extraordinary abilities!This is not just a love story but also contains elements of paranormal fiction! It's about a girl named Sakura who has been dumped by her boyfriend in order to give him another chance at romance

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I needed to write a literature review about Defying Fate and Curse Of The Purple Delhi Sapphire books. I read Defying Fate with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. S.M. Reine is a wonderful writer.