duanes depressed

Duanes Depressed by Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry

Duane's Depressed is one of the most important books written by Larry McMurtry. It has been translated into several languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and has become a classic. With its focus on self-pity, depression, anxiety and suicide, it is used as a textbook for mental health lectures across the country.

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The theme of the book is "a depression never seemed so deep". He calls it, "a depression that is not just a depression, but a creeping, an insidiously spreading, a diminishing depression." The author's main theme is that he blames the politicians and the media for making people depressed. He argues that they have failed to protect their people from such depression. He states:The author tells a story of a man who walks into a drug store and tries to buy
I needed to write a literature review about Duanes Depressed and Le Tre Lune Di Panopticon - Anime Prigioniere books. I read Duanes Depressed with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Larry McMurtry is a wonderful writer.