Ethics by Baruch Spinoza

Baruch Spinoza

Ethics is a subject that has not been covered in depth in the standard course of study in law schools. Nevertheless it is one of the most important and complex areas of human life.

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A recent post on the Ethics book page, is a request from a reader to write me a testimonial.Even though the book is titled "Ethics", I don't think it is ethical to write testimonials. Here's why.Ethics is not an ethical theory; it is a normative theory.I'm not sure what you'd call this type of thing, but here's what I mean:I would be very careful if I wrote a testimonial for
"I was extremely surprised to find that ethics is actually an important subject. Spinoza's Ethics is a book I will keep in my personal library and give to my children.""This is a great book. It includes the best arguments for the importance of ethics, and shows that people ought to be ethically motivated. It is a practical book, complete with examples, illustrations, and clear explanations.""Spinoza's Ethics was a crucial influence on my own
In 1697 the Central European philosopher Baruch Spinoza lived in Amsterdam. On the one hand, he was an educated and far-seeing man, but on the other hand, he was a Jew of Ashkenazic background.One of Spinoza's friends was a publisher Adam Jehuda, who bought copies of the first edition of Spinoza's Ethics and sold them to his customers. The book was published by "Spinozist" in 16
I needed to write a literature review about Ethics and Inside The Outside books. I read Ethics with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Baruch Spinoza is a wonderful writer.