how i live now

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Meg Rosoff

The book is about a teenage girl who loses her family in a terrorist attack.The protagonist, Daisy, is living in London with her aunt but has no idea how to live her life. She distances herself from people and does not open up about the past that haunts her. Her only friend is Edmond, an American boy who becomes stranded in London when his father dies. Daisy spends time with him and they develop an intense connection over the time they spend together. The two of them fall in love with one another and try to find their place in a world that constantly reminds them of the lives they have lost.This book tells the story of Daisy's life after she loses everything-her family, her friends, her home-in a terrorist attack. She spends time with Ed

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I loved this book. It's one of my favorites.I loved this book because it's written in first person. Each chapter starts with the narrator's thoughts and narration. I like that because it helps you understand what the character is thinking.I think the protagonist is a strong female character because she takes charge of her life and doesn't let anyone push her around.
Great book! I really enjoyed it.How I Live Now is a book by Meg Rosoff.It's about a girl named Daisy who has to leave her home because of a war that is happening in England. She goes to America with her dad, where they live in a very big house, and she meets her mom for the first time. She also meets someone new and falls in love with him, but then he dies.The point of view is
HOW I LIVE NOW is an intriguing novel about a girl who has no family, no friends, and no future. It is set in London in the near future where the world is in a state of chaos and panic. The United States has fallen and war has broken out in Europe. Russia has taken over England and has even taken over parts of Africa.The protagonist, Daisy, was born in America but was adopted by a British family and grew up in England. She soon realizes
I needed to write a literature review about How I Live Now and Broken Hart books. I read How I Live Now with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Meg Rosoff is a wonderful writer.