into the dreaming

Into The Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning

Welcome to INTO THE DREAMING a new book by Karen Marie Moning and it's available now in eBook format. It's a story that is full of magic, adventure and mystery. This is the first part of the series about a young girl who finds her own magical way to travel into her dreams. But this just isn't enough for me – I want to make sure that there are still more stories in this series!

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His books include STARFIRE by Karen Marie Moning (#1), On the Edge by Karen Marie Moning (#2), STORM FORCE by Karen Marie Moning (#3), and TEMPTATION BOOKS by Karen Marie Moning (#4).
A sample of a testimonial: "Karen Marie Moning has created a book that I feel will be very inspirational to many people. I was very moved by the story and the characters. I was glad to see that the author does not portray the sadness of death as a 'gimmick' but shows the sadness of life and how many people's lives were affected by it." (from
Name: Karen Marie MoningEmail: karenmariemoning@gmail.comWebsite:
I needed to write a literature review about Into The Dreaming and To Selena, With Love books. I read Into The Dreaming with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Karen Marie Moning is a wonderful writer.