Junky by William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs

The book was published in 1952. The author was William S. Burroughs, an American writer and artist. His works are considered as some of the most influential books of the 20th century. His novels were published in such a way that they were able to influence people's lives for decades after their publication.The book contains very controversial and controversial characters, so it is not surprising that there are many controversies surrounding it: В "The Antichrist", "Narcissus& Narcissus", "Ace Combat". So, we should be careful when we get into writing descriptions about those books and characters because they can be extremely offensive for some people who have strong religious views. In this case, I will use a simple description: В "Devilishly creepy."

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"I returned from a long trip to New York City in 1957, having finally decided that I was too old and too broke to go on working for the Beatniks and the Abstract Expressionists. So I set off for the California coast, intent on living as I saw fit and just enjoying myself.I arrived in Santa Monica and started walking along the beach where I met a young woman who was doing some painting. We were chatting and she told me about her life: her family
I needed to write a literature review about Junky and The Forest books. I read Junky with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. William S. Burroughs is a wonderful writer.