liquid comfort - a surf story

Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story by Cheryl Lee Petro

Cheryl Lee Petro

Liquid Comfort is a surf novel that is told through the perspective of a surfer.A surfer, Derek, travels from his home in Panama to Southern California for an international surfing contest. After returning home, he has to deal with his parents’ divorce and find the courage to move on from it all.This book by Cheryl Lee Petro is an eye-opening experience for some and a touching story for others. It will change your view about life and love.

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LIQUID COMFORT is a collection of stories about the lives of girls who became women and surfers who grew up in a time when surfing was a major life choice. The stories range from the early days of surfing to the present, telling the story of girls who became women and surfers who grew up during the era. The book is rounded out by a chapter from a memoir written by a woman named Kyla Gallaher, who also grew up in the era.
***A young girl is living in a world where she is feared and hated. She is a weapon. A spy. A human cannonball. And she has no idea why. -Amazon's description of the first two books in the Liquid Comfort series by Cheryl Lee Petroff.This book is intended to be read in one sitting, with no breaks, no intermittent chapters, and no skipping. It will be a graphic novel narrative, in the style of graphic novels such as 'The League
MARCH 21, 2019
I needed to write a literature review about Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story and The Sea Of Tranquility books. I read Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Cheryl Lee Petro is a wonderful writer.