man and his symbols

Man And His Symbols by C.G. Jung

C.G. Jung

"In this essay, I want to describe the figure of the "man", and show how it is used in dreams and fantasies. I also wish to show that many aspects of these figures are not as a simple reflection of a person’s personality, but are rather related to psychological dynamics that we all experience in our dreams."

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EXTRA NOTE: This book is for adults only.
The first of the books of C.G. Jung was published in 1925. It was titled "The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious: A Study of Symbols in C. G. Jung's Collected Works".The book was published in English in both hardcover and paperback, as well as as a French translation. It is available in English online at the Jung Archive.The book is a restatement ofJung's 1921 paper, "On the nature of the
I needed to write a literature review about Man And His Symbols and El Creador books. I read Man And His Symbols with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. C.G. Jung is a wonderful writer.