my commander

My Commander by Alanea Alder

Alanea Alder

My Commander is a book written by Alanea Alder. The book is about leadership, marketing and technology.

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This book is a very inspiring read. The author shares interesting and humorous stories from her life, and the obstacles that she overcame. The book is a great way to learn how to become a better leader.-Katie, age 12
"A captivating, spellbinding story, full of twists and turns, and heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.""Wow. Wow. Just wow. The word can't describe how I felt when I read this book. I felt captivated by the story from the very beginning, and I finished it in record time. With a heart full of emotion, I recommend you read this book."-Alanea Alder, author
I read the book "My Commander" by Alanea Alder.I enjoyed the story and the pictures.The book was about a girl named Elle and her dog named Mosley.The story was very interesting and had some sad moments.
I needed to write a literature review about My Commander and Dreams Of Leaving books. I read My Commander with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Alanea Alder is a wonderful writer.