out of breath

Out Of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

Rebecca Donovan

The book is a collection of stories written by artists and writers.

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"I've had such a great experience with OUT OF BREATH. I love the format and the way the book inspires you to make a change, to be more mindful of your breathing and your thoughts."~Beth, New York, NY.
Rebecca Donovan’s OUT OF BREATH is a remarkably honest and compassionate memoir of her experience with hypnotherapy. In the book, Donovan recounts how she found herself in the Phoenix, Arizona, area after her divorce and what led her to become an hypnotherapist. The book is a must-read for those who are seeking an honest look at their own personal journey.A lifelong reader and writer, Donovan became a journalist in 1984 and spent the next two decades
I needed to write a literature review about Out Of Breath and The Other Side Of The Island books. I read Out Of Breath with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Rebecca Donovan is a wonderful writer.