Stinger by Diana R. Chambers

Diana R. Chambers

This book is about the life of a peacock, which is a bird that has feathers permanently painted on its breast.The peacock uses the feathers to attract females because these are colorful and attractive when you look at them from afar. The peacock spreads his wings to show off his beautiful plumage and this attracts females. However, he also needs to have enough space in order for them to fly around in order for him to spread his feathers on his wing pads. Thus, he always has to be able to find a place where he can spread out all of his feathers. This means that he needs a special place where he can spread out all of the scarlet red and blue feathers with white tips that are visible from afar.

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I am a "Mrs. Big" who used to be a "Mrs. Small". I was a SUPER mom who had to quit working before I finished college. I married an "M.D.", had two kids, and by the time I finished my nursing degree, neither one of my children were even close to graduating high school. With no real support system, a husband who was not really committed, and no money, I knew I had to change or risk losing both my children
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I needed to write a literature review about Stinger and Feeps Commentaries books. I read Stinger with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Diana R. Chambers is a wonderful writer.