talulla rising

Talulla Rising by Glen Duncan

Glen Duncan

The book title is catchy as it is easy to remember. When you are writing a book, you have to explain the purpose of it, what's the keyword in it and then fill in all the details necessary for your readers to get your message across.The book title has been coined by Glen Duncan who wrote TALULLA RISING: The Rise of the World’s First Human-Level Artificial Intelligence. The book is an explanation of how a human-level AI can be developed and implemented into our lives. It will be interesting to read this book if you are interested in how our digital innovation could change our daily lives or at least influence them a bit (as mentioned by Glen Duncan himself).

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Thrilling, suspenseful, and filled with enough emotion to make your heart race, TALULLA RISING by Glen Duncan is a tribute to the Golden Years of Western Literature."TALULLA RISING" is a Western that is set in the 1860s during the California Gold Rush. It is inspired by the life of an adolescent boy who is on the run from violence, who must seek refuge in a small town in order to avoid being killed by his
I needed to write a literature review about Talulla Rising and Fortress Britain books. I read Talulla Rising with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Glen Duncan is a wonderful writer.