the great turkey walk

The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr

Kathleen Karr

The story in this book follows the adventures of a young turkey named Bing, as she learns to navigate life in a new home with her adoptive family.This is the perfect book for families who are planning on having a new pet!

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The Great Turkey Walk is a fun book about a family that was going on a walk in the woods when they found a turkey and decided to keep him, even though he was trying to escape. It's an easier read for younger children due to its shorter length.This book is about a family who found a turkey walking through the woods and decided to keep him. It is told from the turkey's point of view as he tries to escape. The book is short, which makes
This book was funny and the illustrations were amazing. It would be a great book for the holidays.
The Great Turkey Walk is a children’s book about the different things that the family does during the Thanksgiving season. I like it because it has an interesting and very original story, and I also like the illustrations because of their quirky, distinctive style.The Great Turkey Walk is a wonderful story about the different things that you do during Thanksgiving. It's an enjoyable read and has a quirky, distinctive look.
I needed to write a literature review about The Great Turkey Walk and Codename Angel books. I read The Great Turkey Walk with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Kathleen Karr is a wonderful writer.