the hopeless christiantic

The Hopeless Christiantic by David A. Santos

David A. Santos

The book is a sort of a synopsis of the life and times of Christ, with a focus on his sacrifice for humanity and his rejection by many, including the Roman authorities. In this work he recants his existence and past sins in relation to God.The book has been widely criticized for its prose, which some have argued is too repetitive and lacks depth. This criticism is more than justified given that Santos' main purpose for writing the book is to spread Christianity. The book does not contain any scientific or historical content; it simply summarizes what Santos believes about Christ’s life, death, resurrection, exaltation in heaven, conversion to Christianity by Jesus' mother Mary (Bengal atlas)and other topics. In general Santos’ text could be considered as an orthodox Christian account rather

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"This is a book that will make you think.It makes you think about the people you know who are not Christians.It makes you wonder why they aren't more like Jesus.It makes you want to find out what happened to Jesus,so you can better follow him.It makes you think about what it means to be a Christian.It makes you think about what it means for us to be a part of this great
I needed to write a literature review about The Hopeless Christiantic and Scars books. I read The Hopeless Christiantic with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. David A. Santos is a wonderful writer.