the tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

Stephen King

The Tommyknocker is a book by Stephen King that was published in 1973 and sold over 500,000 copies. It’s a horror fiction novel that deals with time travel. Humans are not the only beings who can travel through time. Some animals can do the same thing as well such as cats and wolves. The main character of the book was a dog named Tommy who could go back in time to prevent his friend from getting killed by a bear.

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A friend asked me to write a testimonial about THE TOMMYKNOCKERS book. I'm happy to oblige. It's been a blast writing this book, and I'm so glad my friends and family have enjoyed it as much as they have. A few of them were, in fact, the only ones who were actually able to finish it.This book started out as a very simple idea: what if you could write a story that wasn't about horror or horror movies
I needed to write a literature review about The Tommyknockers and While My Pretty One Sleeps books. I read The Tommyknockers with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Stephen King is a wonderful writer.