the unicorn quest

The Unicorn Quest by Kamilla Benko

Kamilla Benko

THE UNICORN QUEST is a book by the Polish author Kamilla Benko, about a unicorn named PЕ™emysl, connecting the far-off world of fantasy and folktales with reality. We're going to write its description.

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The Unicorn QuestBy Kamilla BenkoSynopsis:Welcome to Unicorn Quest, a magical, mystical world where unicorns are the dominant creatures. The only way to get a unicorn is to go to the castle and give it a gift. This is the story of Polo and Jaja and their quest to find the unicorn. But they have a lot of problems to overcome, from their dreary lives at home to their friends' strange and annoying behavior. Will they be able
The Unicorn Quest is a wonderful book. If you are looking for an easy, stress-free book to read while on vacation or on a flight, you will absolutely love this book. While it is not an action book, there are a number of great action-packed scenes that make the reader realize the message of this book.I highly recommend reading this book!
I needed to write a literature review about The Unicorn Quest and The Day To Eternity books. I read The Unicorn Quest with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Kamilla Benko is a wonderful writer.