the upside of unrequited

The Upside Of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

Becky Albertalli

The Upside of Unrequited is a young adult novel about a couple who are in their early twenties. They have been dating for years, but their relationship has always been complicated by their age difference. Sometimes it’s just crazy and sometimes they act like kids, but they never get the kind of serious relationship that they both want.While reading the book, I found myself noticing some basic themes running throughout the story:The characters come to life more than you think they do and as a result of this we get to see them grow up along with them. They have unexpected moments of happiness and love without realizing it because these moments are unseen by everyone else. Overall, the book is very realistic about what people go through in relationships and how life deals with differences. I enjoyed

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"I'm not a big fan of love stories, but I loved this one. Becky Albertalli's character development is spot on and the writing is impeccable. Unrequited is beautifully written and by far one of my favorites books of the year." - Caitlin O’Hara, Indie Reader"This was fun and funny and sweet and just perfect. It's a strong, funny, and very well-written story about falling in love with someone who doesn't want to
I couldn't imagine a better writing experience than having my book purchased by a publisher from the first page all the way through to the final copy being placed in their hands. It is that simple. It is that easy. I worked with Becky Albertalli, who was so kind and sweet I could not have asked for a better experience!I loved this book from the first time I opened it to the last. I loved it so much, I sent my daughter through high school with it.
I needed to write a literature review about The Upside Of Unrequited and Killer Show books. I read The Upside Of Unrequited with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Becky Albertalli is a wonderful writer.