Twisted Sinister Tales, 2 by Anna Gallegos

Anna Gallegos

The second book in the twisted tales series follows the protagonists in a new adventure. They are again trying to survive in a dangerous world after being torn from their home. This time around, they meet with many new characters and learn more about how things work in this world.The protagonist journey takes them through different parts of the city where they have to find their way out of some perilous situations, all the while, trying to avoid capture by a group called The Watchmen. They find themselves retreating into tunnels and secret passages to avoid capture before eventually reaching their destination - another world where they can finally live without fear or struggle for survival.

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“A very fun book filled with short stories of the bizarre and the grotesque. I am a HUGE fan of graphic novels and Anna Gallegos has created a fantastic series that doesn't skim over anything important. The stories are well written and full of humor. I highly recommend this book.”"A truly unique read, and a challenging one at that. For those who have been reading her work for a long time, this book is just as fantastic as her other
Thank you for your purchase and your review is greatly appreciated! This is exactly why I am here! Authors, if you enjoy your book, please let us know. I'm Anna. I love to read and review books. If you like my reviews, please share the links! Thank you!
I needed to write a literature review about Twisted Sinister Tales, 2 and Evolutionary Meltdown books. I read Twisted Sinister Tales, 2 with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Anna Gallegos is a wonderful writer.