100 sideways miles
Andrew Smith
SIDEWAYS MILES is a book about the act of walking 100 miles, in a day. It is very interesting and...
61 hours
Lee Child
The book '61 Hours' is a thriller that involves physical and personal experiences from the perspective of a lead character....
a beautiful mess
T.K. Leigh
A Beautiful Mess is a book about relationships, relationship mistakes and the benefits of friendship. It is written by T.K....
a christmas memory
Truman Capote
Book: A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote is the story of a young boy growing up in the 1940s. It...
a darkness strange and lovely
Susan Dennard
The book "A Darkness Strange and Lovely" by Susan Dennard is about the sequel of "The Night Circus" and has...
a dragons awakening
Aya Knight
The dragons who were once the vicious monsters that attacked the world are now awake. Their power is so great...
a gallery of mothers
J.S. Latshaw
The book is a collection of short stories written by the mothers and daughters of J.S. Latshaw for the museum.
a giant problem
Tony DiTerlizzi
The book "A GIANT PROBLEM" is written by Tony DiTerlizzi.The book is a collection of stories about the problems in...
a girl named zippy
Haven Kimmel
In this section, we will look at the book A GIRL NAMED ZIPPY. The book is intended for middle school...
a lady of the west
Linda Howard
Fictional best-selling author Linda Howard has been trying to get her second novel published for years. Her publisher, however, wants...
a list of cages
Robin Roe
There is a small town near the woods that no one has seen in years. A group of people have...
a moonbow night
Laura Frantz
Moonbow Night is a book about the moon and the stars in a country called MonpГ©. It is traditionally written...
a quiet belief in angels
R.J. Ellory
A Quiet Belief in Angels is an inspiring and heart-warming novella about the chance meeting of two people who have...
Ronald Holt
In 1947, British author and comedian Arthur Pinero wrote The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In the book, he recounts the...
a spell for chameleon
Piers Anthony
Chameleon is a book about a child who has the power to change his appearance into any living creature.A SPELL...
a tale of two kingdoms
Victoria Danann
Write a short introduction to give more insight into the book. What is it about? Why should I read it?
a world without princes
Soman Chainani
Digital marketing is an important part of the digital landscape. In order to be successful in this field, one needs...
alan cole is not a coward
Eric Bell
#1.The author of the book, Eric Bell, is a retired Marine Corps general who served as commander of all U.S....
Alicia Appleman-Jurman
The book is about Alicia's journey from a privileged life in suburban America to the Dominican Republic and later becoming...
India Taylor
The book "BITE ME 1" is a copywriting book from India Taylor. It will be published in English and will...
all creatures great and small
James Herriot
Author James Herriot was born in Yorkshire and wrote the very popular series of "Farmer's World" books about his life....
all hallows moon
S.M. Reine
We already have an extensive description on the book. We need to add a description for the cover.
all the wrong reasons
J.L. Paul
All the wrong reasons is a book by J.L. Paul, which aims to motivate people to exercise their creativity, without...
an evil eye
Jason Goodwin
The book, "The Evil Eye" is a psychological thriller with a strong philosophical element. The author, Jason Goodwin has done...
anna of byzantium
Tracy Barrett
Anna of Byzantium is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Anna Comnena, an 11th century Byzantine princess...
another country
James Baldwin
This book has been recently published in a different country. The copywriter should write a detailed description of the subject...
Rachel E. Carter
The book "APPRENTICE" is a story about a girl that had a dream to become an artist. She went through...
Claire Johnson
In this article, the author introduces an AI writing assistant called Arcane. With the assistance of Arcane, authors can write...
archers goon
Diana Wynne Jones
In the last few years there has been an increase in books by the British author Diana Wynne Jones. This...
ash princess
Laura Sebastian
ASH PRINCESS is a novel about three girls who are forced to work as maids and live in a giant...
asking for it
Louise O'Neill
This book is a dystopian novel that is told from the perspective of a teenage girl living in a society...
assassin study
Maria V. Snyder
The book by Maria V. Snyder 'Assassin's Study' is a work of fiction but it has been written as an...
Herta MГјller
bass ackwards and belly up
Elizabeth Craft
BASS ACKWARDS and BELLY UP is a book which explains how to get your body back to feeling good by...
beowulfs children
Larry Niven
The book BEOWULFS CHILDREN by Larry Niven is one of the best-selling science fiction books in the world. It was...
Morrigan Michele
Author Michele is a deeply rooted fan of magic and witchcraft. She is very active in this field and writes...
between the notes
Sharon Huss Roat
There are several authors who have written books on this topic and they are all equally fantastic. I am focusing...
between the world and me
Ta-Nehisi Coates
This book is a unique account of Barack Obama’s journey from Harvard Law School to the White House.
beyond the grave
Jude Watson
Beyyond the grave (BYT) is a book written by Jude Watson. It is the story of a woman who goes...
bill of human wrongs
C. Michaels
Bill of Human Wrongs is a book of case studies and stories that show how government policies hurt the human...
S.M. Stevens
We all know that copywriting is an art of persuasion. A good copywriter will be able to convince his/her reader...
black lies
Alessandra Torre
This book is a true tale of a woman's life, told by her. With this book, Yasmine Ahmed seeks to...
black powder war
Naomi Novik
Naomi Novik's book "Black Powder War" is the first book in a series about the Wild West. The novel takes...
Gail Carriger
What would be a better way to describe the content of a BLAMELESS book? A brief description is not always...
blind side
Jennie Ensor
Blind Sides: A whole new way of looking at the world, by Jennie Ensor.Blind sides is a book about the...
born under a million shadows
Andrea Busfield
Everyone needs to know about a well-known person. This is why I wrote this book for all those readers who...
bound by honor
Cora Reilly
The book BOUND BY HONOR is being written by bestselling author Cora Reilly. This book is a collection of short...
brave enough
Cheryl Strayed
BRAVE ENOUGH is a book that teaches you how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. It is an inspiring...
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