and the stars will sing
Michelle Browne
I am going to talk about the Book, "AND THE STARS WILL SING." This book broke my heart because it...
20th century ghosts
Joe Hill
30 years ago, Joe Hill was killed in a car accident that also took the lives of his wife and...
30 pieces of silver
Carolyn McCray
If you are writing a description for a book, you have to know that the description should be about 30...
a chalice of wind
Cate Tiernan
Cate Tiernan is a well-known author and consultant in the copywriting industry. She has written several books on her own,...
a court of frost and starlight
Sarah J. Maas
This is a specific example of how AI could be used in the book world.The narrative of the A COURT...
a death-struck year
Makiia Lucier
This is the first book by Makiia Lucier and it tells a story of a year in life. It starts...
In this book, the protagonist is a young woman who has lost her sight. She spends her days wandering in...
a fairytale gone wrong
Emer Bruce
This is a book which tells the story of a fairy tale gone wrong. The writer of it was Emer...
a field guide to high school
Marissa Walsh
We are heading into a new era of education. While the school system is still still relatively young, it is...
a german requiem
Philip Kerr
The traditional way of writing description for a book is to use descriptive language. But there are two ways of...
a girl like you
Gemma Burgess
We have been told that girls like me can do anything. I am a girl like you. Not everybody is...
a hero for wondla
Tony DiTerlizzi
A HERO FOR WONDLA is the first book by Tony DiTerlizzi, a writer and former professional hockey player. The book...
a merciful truth
Kendra Elliot
A MERCIFUL TRUTH is a book about the author Kendra Elliot and her journey through her life. It was a...
a presence in russell county
S.J. Sprague
The book "A PRESENCE IN RUSSELL COUNTY" is a compilation of real-deal stories about the people who lived and worked...
The Age of Genocide: How America Created, Committed and Covered Up one of the most heinous crimes in human history....
a song for summer
Eva Ibbotson
A Song For Summer is a very beautiful book that tells about the summer in Chicago. It is not only...
a study in scarlet
Arthur Conan Doyle
The author of the book "A Study in Scarlet" is the world's most famous detective. He created a character that...
a tale dark & grimm
Adam Gidwitz
Set in the same world of A Tale of Two Cities and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, this book tells the story...
a violet and two gentlemen
Petronela Ungureanu
While not a copywriter, I do have some experience with writing descriptions for books. In this lesson, I will explain...
a wicked thing
Rhiannon Thomas
A WICKED THING is a horror novel written by the New Zealand author Rhiannon Thomas. The book is set in...
acidalia the beginning of kallos
Khelsey Jackson
An epic fantasy novel about a world of faerie and magic that is at risk from a mysterious and powerful...
across five aprils
Irene Hunt
ACROSS FIVE APRILS is a book that tells the story of five people who are connected to one another by...
after dachau
Daniel Quinn
The book, When the going gets weird, the weird get going - Daniel Quinn on writing in the digital age,...
Stephanie Hudson
The "Afterlife" is a book about the end of human life. It covers topics like "death, reincarnation and other more...
against medical advice
James Patterson
Having an accurate and useful description of your product is a crucial step to selling it. It helps you to...
age of the seer
Michael Joseph Murano
In the age of the seer, we have to find new ways to communicate with people in a digital world.
all light will fall
Almney King
The book is about how we, as a society, sink to the lowest depths of our morality at times when...
all quiet on the western front
Erich Maria Remarque
The novel begins with Paul Baumer coming home and visiting his family for the first time in years. It's the...
all-of-a-kind family
Sydney Taylor
The cover design of Sydney Taylor's "All-of-a-Kind Family" is an example of how an AI writer can enhance the reading...
alot to say, sumthin to talk about
Book "ALOT TO SAY, SUMTHIN TO TALK ABOUT" is a compilation of 18 short essays about the most intriguing topics...
amazing tales
G.C. Smith
Interested in writing a great book? This tutorial guide will help you to find inspiration.Writing a novel is an arduous...
an empty spoon
Sunny Decker
With AN EMPTY SPOON, Sunny Decker has successfully managed to generate copy for a book about the importance of empty...
and both were young
Madeleine L'Engle
The book was written by a famous author, Madeleine L'engle. However, its description is not very helpful to the reader....
ang paboritong libro ni hudas
Bob Ong
Bob Ong, veteran writer and a pioneer of the Philippine Literary Movement, was one of the first generation writers who...
Aaron M. Stephens
The book describes the process by which an angel investor selects a startup and offers them investment. It is a...
angels halo
Terri Anne Browning
The book Angels Halo is a unique book about the angels who serve humanity in these dark times. It tells...
angle of repose
Wallace Stegner
"Angle of Repose" is a magnificent book written by Wallace Stegner. It is a wonderful passage about human nature and...
Kacey Vanderkarr
Antithesis is a book that you might have heard about. It's a collection of stories and opinions from people who...
archangels and demons
Stephen Skelton
A book is a very long document but a short snippet of information can make it more interesting and helpful...
ariels journey
Doug Kane
Describe the journey of a person and their emotions in ARIELS JOURNEY book by Doug Kane.Write an introduction that is...
as the waltz was ending
Emma Macalik Butterworth
We all know that it is very difficult to write a good description for a book. We have got so...
at graves end
Jeaniene Frost
It is widely known that the book "The GRAVES END" by Jeaniene Frost is a highly emotional experience. The book...
at swim-two-birds
Flann O'Brien
The book contains a collection of letters, notes, and poems by Flann O'Brien. The letters are written to his brother...
avalon high
Meg Cabot
Avalon High is a magical, mysterious and very addictive book that should not be missed.The story follows a boy called...
bad feminist
Roxane Gay
Roxane Gay’s new book is a book that all the feminists should read. This is a story about what it...
bay of blood
A.M. Potter
This is an example of how a description can be made and the way it will be formatted. The content...
beaten by the shtick
Jack X. Crawford
BEATEN BY THE SHTICK (a book) is a book that I have been a big fan of for a long...
beautiful affliction
Lene Fogelberg
I love to write books and I want to be a best-selling author. But for the last 10 years, I've...
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