a field guide to high school

A Field Guide To High School by Marissa Walsh

Marissa Walsh

We are heading into a new era of education. While the school system is still still relatively young, it is hard to believe that schools will not change in the next few decades. You can only say that things will only become more complicated and harder to understand - but at least we know what we need to prepare ourselves for now.

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"A FIELD GUIDE TO HIGH SCHOOL is a delightful, well-written book by Marissa Walsh. Elizabeth and Ethan are the perfect match for each other; she is lovely and sweet, and he is handsome and strong. They are kind to everyone, so they must be special to each other too! The story follows the girls' growing up in a small town, with their lives being torn apart by a tragic event: the death of Elizabeth's father. Marissa Walsh tells the story
The Field Guide to High School (also known as, FIELD GUIDE) is a book written by Marissa Walsh, a student at the University of Florida. The book was first published on August 3, 2008.The Field Guide to High School is a publication that is "designed to help students better understand the importance of their education to achieve their goals." The book is designed to help students view education as a lifelong learning process, and will help them determine which career path they want
I needed to write a literature review about A Field Guide To High School and An Old-fashioned Girl books. I read A Field Guide To High School with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Marissa Walsh is a wonderful writer.