acidalia the beginning of kallos

Acidalia The Beginning Of Kallos by Khelsey Jackson

Khelsey Jackson

An epic fantasy novel about a world of faerie and magic that is at risk from a mysterious and powerful entity called The Shadow.Khelsey Jackson's debut novel, ACIDALIA THE BEGINNING OF KALLOS, is a literary fantasy fiction written for young adults. It tells the story of Morganne, a teenage girl who discovers she has the power to use magic - but the cost is great. As she struggles with her own powers, Morganne is drawn to her classmate, Leif - who may be able to help her navigate this new world.

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Khelsey Jackson is a fiction writer who’s writing has been praised by the likes of Sarah Perry. Khelsey is a former software engineer and tech-writer. She has a Masters in Computer Science from Salford University, and she worked for 7 years as a software developer for a major oil company.
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I needed to write a literature review about Acidalia The Beginning Of Kallos and Aether Warriors The Hidden War Series 1 books. I read Acidalia The Beginning Of Kallos with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Khelsey Jackson is a wonderful writer.