becoming edward

Becoming Edward by Faye Meredith

Faye Meredith

Edward is a young man that has to find his way in the world after an untimely death. He has a knack for business and he eventually becomes CEO of the company that he was working for.While Edward is living his life, he falls in love with Bella - who is older than him by years. But when they decide to get married, Bella's past comes out and they have to deal with it.BECOMING EDWARD tells the story of a young man striving for financial independence, who finds love through his journey and wife.

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After a brutal murder, the beautiful town of Barrington Bay is placed on lockdown and the task of finding the killer falls to a team of students. But these students are no ordinary students. They're all talented artists, each with their own unique talents and abilities. What they lack in numbers, they make up for with their individual intelligence. But when they come up with a plan to catch their killer - they're surprised by the person who turns out to be none other than the town's
A novel by Faye MeredithPublished by BookBook Press, LLC, 2017ISBN: 978-1-988466-55-3 (eBook)Edition: PaperbackCompare with the original edition:
I needed to write a literature review about Becoming Edward and Kindness Wins books. I read Becoming Edward with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Faye Meredith is a wonderful writer.